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Profile of Tutor – Mr Tony Chee

Mr Tony Chee is a Ministry of Education JC Lecturer and Integrated Programme Curriculum Designer. He was also a Physics Lecturer at National Institute of Education (NIE) where he trained Physics teachers. Under the Singapore Government Public Service Commission Overseas Scholarship, he obtained a 1st Class Honours in Physics and Mathematics. He was awarded two Outstanding Contribution Awards by Ministry of Education) for his teaching excellence. He is the author of GCE ‘A’ Level Physics Ten-Year-Series Answers published by Popular Bookstores as well as many Physics guidebooks.

Tony was also recently elected into the Institute of Physics. IOP is the top Physics organisation in Singapore whose origin started when Singapore welcomed Professor Albert Einstein and Professor Paul Dirac to her shores. IOP elected fellows include our President Dr. Tony Tan, Dr. Christian Joachim and Dr. Paul Davies. There are also various Nobel prize winners like Dr. Gerardus ‘t Hooft, Dr. Jerome Friedman, Dr. Yang Chen-Ning and Dr. Steven Chu who are in Singapore’s Institute of Physics.


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QualificationsAwards and Accolades
• Ministry of Education JC & IP Lecturer
• Integrated Programme Curriculum Designer
• Senior Head (Higher Education), Ministry of Education
• Lecturer at National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore
• Masters in Business Administration, California State University, US
• 1st Class Honours in Physics & Maths, University of Birmingham, UK
• Postgraduate Diploma in Education, National Institute of Education, Singapore
• Outstanding Contribution Award (Ministry of Education), 2013
• Outstanding Contribution Award (Ministry of Education), 2007
• SWJ Smith’s Prize – Top of Graduating Cohort, 2002
• Science Undergraduate Prize (University of Birmingham), 2001
• Singapore Govt Public Service Commission Scholarship (Overseas), 1999


Publications Professional Memberships
• GCE ‘A’ Level Physics Ten-Year-Series Answers published by Educational Publishing House
• Several GCE ‘A’ and ‘O’ Level Physics Guidebooks sold in Singapore
• Research paper “On Improving Students’ Understanding of the Photoelectric Effect” at the 3rd Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference, Singapore, 1 – 3 June 2009
• Member of University of Birmingham Alumni
• Member of California State University Alumni
• Member of National Institute of Education Alumni
• Member of Institute of Physics, Singapore
  • The Straits Times - Top Tutor Aims To Shape The Future Generation
    The Straits Times - Top Tutor Aims To Shape The Future Generation
    Mr Chee's level of commitment to teaching his students has earned him the MOE’s Outstanding Contribution Award twice, a prize awarded for impactful value-added contributions...
  • Zao Bao - Physics Expert Mentors Top Students
    Zao Bao - Physics Expert Mentors Top Students
    Tony Chee was previously an Integrated Programme and A-Level lecturer, Senior Head at MOE and a Physics Lecturer at NIE. Tony is a Public Service Commission Overseas Scholarship recipient...
  • The New Paper - Beating Misconceptions
    The New Paper - Beating Misconceptions
    Mr Tony Chee is the only tutor delivering the lessons to ensure the quality of his classes. Mr Chee said: "I prepare comprehensive customised notes and question...
  • Institute of Physics Singapore
    Institute of Physics Singapore
    Tony Chee is an elected member of the Institute of Physics. IOP's members are elected based on the relevant qualifications and contributions to the Physics Community.
  • A Level Physics Key Concepts
    A Level Physics Key Concepts
    Published by Popular Bookstore's publishing arm - Educational Publishing House. This publication is in accordance with the latest SEAB-Cambridge amended Physics syllabus .
  • O Level Physics Key Concepts
    O Level Physics Key Concepts
    Peppered with colourful diagrams, this revision booklet is handy for all Physics students. It is arranged topically, and also compartmentalised into the key sub-topics for good flow of thought processes.
  • N Level Physics Key Concepts
    N Level Physics Key Concepts
    This booklet is aimed to help N Level students to ace their Physics exam, by zooming into the relevant tested topics. It comes along with its Chemistry and Biology counterparts in separate booklets.

Physics Tuition by Mr Tony Chee

This is the website to one of the best physics tuition providers you can get in Singapore. Mr. Tony Chee is an MOE trained teacher who is motivated to improve students’ understanding of Physics, and their performance in the A Levels H2 Physics, O Levels and Integrated Programme (IP) examinations.

Physics is one of the most interesting academic subjects and learning it is a great experience for students of every age. It is the behavioural study of nature and all substances in nature. Nature teaches us many things and most of our inventions or discoveries came about because the inventors or discoverers studied nature with great observation and dedication.

Many students consider physics as one of the toughest subjects to master. This is because they do not know the best way to study physics. It is a subject that demands understanding and observation. It requires students to analyse and try to understand after proper observation. The way students approach physics is the reason why some love physics and others try to run away from it.

We have a specially-designed curriculum under the guidance of Mr. Tony Chee who is well-known in the industry. The curriculum includes innovative methods of teaching which include multimedia support, smart classrooms, interactive examples and live demonstrations apart from general classes which help students to learn the subject with clarity and ease. It is very important to make students understand the concepts and theories in Physics.

Currently, classes are conducted in Bukit Timah Shopping Centre and Waterloo Centre by Mr. Chee himself. The class schedule is shared on the website and students can check it out in the ‘Programme’ section under ‘Schedule’.

The learning materials, notes, and other tools available for learning ensure that students gather concepts and implement appropriately when required. Personalized guidance is another positive in this high-quality group tuition method. Enrolling with us would enable students to learn the topics faster and improve their conceptual understanding with ease.

Having trouble solving those knotty Physics questions? Fret not, Best Physics Tuition Centre is here to guide you. Call/SMS +65 8700 9189 or email us at for more info about our classes!


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