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Our classes cater to J1, J2 and Sec 3 & 4 / IP.

Physics Tuition by Mr Tony Chee

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Former JC lecturer and curriculum researcher for the Integrated Programme (IP), Mr Tony Chee has unmatchable familiarity with the Physics syllabus in Singapore’s high schools. Full-time tutor since 2015, he has also authored numerous Physics guidebooks and contributed to the GCE A Level Physics Ten Year Series Answers, helping students islandwide in their Physics education.

As a teacher, Mr Chee’s teaching efforts in school has been affirmed by the Outstanding Contribution Award by the Ministry of Education not just once, but twice. Apart from teaching students, Mr Chee has also lectured at the National Institute of Education, training up new generations of Physics teachers. 

His stellar academic records are testaments to his passion and deep knowledge of Physics – he studied under the prestigious Public Service Commission Scholarship, and achieved 1st class honours in Physics and Mathematics in his days at University of Birmingham. He has also been elected into the Institute of Physics Singapore, a scientific organisation committed to promoting Physics advancements and research.

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Qualifications Awards and Accolades
• Ministry of Education JC & IP Lecturer
• Integrated Programme Curriculum Designer
• Senior Head (Higher Education), Ministry of Education
• Lecturer at National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore
• Masters in Business Administration, California State University, US
• 1st Class Honours in Physics & Maths, University of Birmingham, UK
• Postgraduate Diploma in Education, National Institute of Education, Singapore
• Outstanding Contribution Award (Ministry of Education), 2013
• Outstanding Contribution Award (Ministry of Education), 2007
• SWJ Smith’s Prize – Top of Graduating Cohort, 2002
• Science Undergraduate Prize (University of Birmingham), 2001
• Singapore Govt Public Service Commission Scholarship (Overseas), 1999
Publications Professional Memberships
• GCE ‘A’ Level Physics Ten-Year-Series Answers published by Educational Publishing House
• Several GCE ‘A’ and ‘O’ Level Physics Guidebooks sold in Singapore
• Research paper “On Improving Students’ Understanding of the Photoelectric Effect” at the 3rd Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference, Singapore, 1 – 3 June 2009
• Member of University of Birmingham Alumni
• Member of California State University Alumni
• Member of National Institute of Education Alumni
• Member of Institute of Physics, Singapore

Physics is an important fundamental science that explores the mechanisms of how the physical world works. Think light, sound and atoms – they fascinate scientists to this day. Physics has also been the cornerstone of major developments in technology, contributing immensely to the advancement of humankind.

It is a pity, then, that many students find Physics one of the toughest subjects to master. They either have no interest in it, or cannot seem to grasp the concepts no matter how hard they try. That’s where a good Physics tuition teacher can make all the difference.

Mr Tony Chee, an MOE-trained former JC teacher with an unwavering passion for Physics, has decided to commit himself to channelling his enthusiasm and knowledge for Physics to students in Singapore through accessible Physics tuition classes. His goal is to help students further their understanding of Physics concepts, foster a love for the subject, and boost their performance in the exams, including A Level (H2 & H1) Physics, O Level Physics and IP examinations.

Under the expert guidance of Mr Tony Chee, students preparing for O levels, A level (H2 & H1) Physics, or IP examinations, will be able to grasp concepts with clarity and ease, and gain confidence in answering challenging Physics problems. See it for yourself at our venues at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre and Waterloo Centre. For class schedules and fees, check out the ‘Programme’ tab at the top of the page.

Do you want to discover a newfound enjoyment in Physics, and see your Physics grades shoot up? Give yourself the chance to excel – let us help you get there!

Having trouble solving those knotty Physics questions? Fret not, Best Physics Tuition™ Centre is here to guide you. Call/SMS +65 8700 9189 or email us at for more info about our classes!

Helmed by My Tony Chee himself, Best Physics Tuition™ Centre boasts a specially-designed curriculum that features the following characteristics and innovative delivery methods that set us apart from other tuition centres:

  • smart classrooms
  • interactive examples
  • live demonstrations
  • patient teaching
  • personalised attention
  • exclusive cheatsheets
  • small group sizes


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