2015 Dec

Why Every Student Should Take Physics in School

December 26, 2015

Why students should take Physics

Even though physics is a challenging subject, it is also not impossible to achieve top grades, especially with the help of our physics tuition classes.  That being said, not every child will enjoy physics as a subject, or want to become a physicist. However, every student should at least have studied physics at some point in school – there are numerous benefits to this, which will be discussed. Physics is a field that can be applied to nearly anything in existence. It describes the study of the physical universe, the properties and motion of matter, and any related concepts (such as work and energy). Therefore, it is also relevant to almost any subject that one studies.

As physics describes the physical nature of everything around us, it is not surprising that the technology we use involves the majority of the physics concepts learnt in college: heat, light, electricity, force, and energy are examples of these concepts that are used to engineer the various devices and appliances we see every day. Additionally, the basic physics equations in college syllabi are still integrated/considered in all present manufacturing processes.

In terms of college/university, there are many graduating high school students who applied for “selective courses” – those that only have limited space available, hence only the best students are selected for these university courses. Standard, or easier subjects in high school will not guarantee you entry to selective courses. However, your chance, as a prospective student, increases exponentially if you can prove that you’ve done physics in college. Taking physics in college indicates dedication and perseverance.

Due to the strong job market in physics, and related fields, it opens the door to numerous career opportunities. Engineers, medical doctors, and even some biologists are required to take physics as a course in university. Therefore, not taking physics in high school will most likely limit your chances to gain admission to one of these fields in university.

Physics also enhances one’s critical thinking skills and improves the understanding of the arts, history and economics. In order to understand the complex formulae and theory in physics, students are required to allocate adequate time to practice the applications of these to solve problems.  This alters the way one thinks about topics such as the arts. For instance, technical specifications in stage lighting, and sound, for theatrical performances. Additionally, it can be applied to “econophysics” – which is the use of physics to study economics. Hence, physics is one of the most useful subjects in high school.

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