2015 Nov

How Science Tuition Improves Your Child’s Potential

November 7, 2015

Science (Physics) Education

The best method for a child to start his/her education in science is by adopting a diligent and perseverant attitude. This attitude ensures that your child is able to cope with the level of effort required to succeed in their academic pursuits. Along with homework, science tuition is paramount to a child’s educational development. It assists them in the understanding of more complex concepts in science – by allowing for sufficient time and attention to grasp these concepts. Additionally, it stimulates critical thinking.

Classes in school are often short, disruptive or provide little educational value – for certain schools at least. However, science is a highly intricate academic discipline. Pupils therefore require additional assistance in the form of science tuition.  The controlled environment can be very beneficial to a child’s learning. A controlled learning environment is one where pupils feel that they: are free to ask questions, are able to learn without any distractions, do not experience any stress, and are able to enjoy themselves while learning. This is also something we aim to achieve in our A Level Physics tuition classes.

Children should not be afraid to ask questions if they don’t understand certain topics. For instance, if a pupil doesn’t understand Newton’s first law, he/she should be able to ask for assistance without feeling threatened or embarrassed. There are teachers in schools that do not always understand this fundamental concept; expecting children to learn on their own and threatening them if they do not comprehend their learning material. A science tutor, however, has more patience with children – they focus on any topic that a pupil does not fully understand, while making them feel comfortable in their learning environments.

Often in school, there are many distractions – such as friends and technology.  In tuition classes, this is used as an advantage. Technology is used to excite the children about their subjects, and allow them to learn through different media. Also, various forms of communication are available, be it peer-to-peer communication or student-tutor communication, to act as alternative methods of education; contrary to self-study or watching an instructor teach on a blackboard.

Pupils should not feel any stress when attending science tuition classes; they should attend to improve their knowledge on the subjects. While some children are not enthusiastic about school, they don’t need to feel the same way about the subjects they are learning. Tuition classes are not only educational, but also enjoyable. Children discuss the topics mentioned in school, but they also learn about concepts not discussed in school, which helps them to “think outside the box” and to apply these topics/concepts in their lives while enjoying themselves in a stimulating environment.

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