Predictions for Upcoming 2015 A Level Physics Paper 3

 A Level Physics Paper3 2015

Predictions for Singapore Cambridge A-Level Physics Paper 3 (H2) 2015

A Level Physics Paper 2 was just over! Hope that you guys found the paper manageable. Almost all the questions/concepts were reinforced during our recent A Level Physics Tuition crash course. Just a quick run-down on what has appeared in Paper 2:

Qn 1. Forces (Hooke’s Law and Conservation of Energy)

Qn 2. DC Circuits (Potential divider concepts & Potentiometer)

Qn 3. Quantum Physics (Photoelectric effect)

Qn 4. Gravitation (Circular Motion & Gravitational field strength)

Qn 5. Electric Field (Electric Force & Moments)

Qn 6. Nuclear Physics (Radioactivity)

Qn 7. Data Analysis (Oscillations)

Qn 8. Planning (Thermal Physics, Current Electricity, Efficiency)

Potential Paper 3 topics include:

1. Measurements

2. Kinematics

3. Forces (Equilibrium & Upthrust)

4. Dynamics

5. Thermal Physics (1st Law)

6. Wave Motion

7. Superposition

8. Electromagnetism

9. Electromagnetic Induction

10. Alternating Currents

11. Quantum Physics (Line spectra, X-ray, de Broglie, Heisenberg, Tunnelling)

12. Laser and Semiconductor

13. Nuclear (Fusion & Fission)

All the best and prepare well!

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