2015 Oct

A More Holistic Approach to Physics Education: Effective Communication

October 19, 2015

Communication in Physics Classes

Pupils who are enrolled in physics, as one of their subjects, often feel overwhelmed with the workload involved, which tends to threaten their interest, and early career development, in the subject. This is due to improper communication (or the complete lack thereof), as pupils should know exactly what is expected of them before they start the academic term. In addition, improper communication in the classroom contributes to fruitless education.

Communication that entails informing the pupils about what exactly is expected of them in physics classes, what the field of physics is and how it will affect their future careers is crucial. Physics is a subject that requires one-hundred percent attention from the start, and that is what provides some with a head start. Some say that physicists are born with unique abilities, however this is not entirely the truth. While some people have genetic, environmental or financial advantages, it is not impossible for the “average” or disadvantaged pupil to shine brighter than the rest.

A child needs to be prepared to work hard and spend sufficient time reading about physics-related topics in their spare time, attending JC physics tuition classes, and allow themselves to see the interesting side of the subject. It is the responsibility of the teachers, instructors and parents to ensure that their children follow the correct path and start the subject with a positive attitude.

However, it can be a daunting task on occasion; there are many distractions that steal the attention of the youth, such as friends, cell phones, games, sports, and movies. However, there are ways to counter these distractions. Once again, proper communication is key – parents and teachers need to enforce rules against these kind of distractions when it is time for schoolwork, physics and mathematics especially.

Another important issue is what occurs at school, in the classroom. Improper communication in class is what results in pupils not completing their homework, or assignments, properly. This leads to poor test and examination grades. If a child is distracted in class by friends, or technology, or they are simply resting on their arms; they are most likely not interested. It is important to fix problems like these as soon as they arise – physics is a difficult subject which requires full attention.

These problems should first be identified before necessary steps are taken to change their attitudes toward the subject. Once identified, teachers and parents should not only communicate with the pupils, but also with each other. It is the teacher’s responsibility to inform the parents of the pupils who are always distracted in class, and the responsibility lies with the parents to ensure that their children show more enthusiasm in class. Thus, communication is vital to a child’s development, education and future success.

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