2015 Oct

Challenging the Methods of Teaching Physics in Schools and Colleges

October 6, 2015

Physics Tuition classes in Singapore

Many students consider physics one of their most challenging subjects in school. While physics is a complex, highly theoretical subject, it is also provides us with answers to fundamental problems of the universe. However, students are missing the approach to physics that exposes the soul behind the face.

According to educators from the University of Maryland, introductory physics courses are typically structured in ways that only prospective physics professionals are able to fully comprehend. Approximately 95% of students taking physics, as an introductory course, will never take another physics course again (Redish, 1999). Thus showing that the majority of these students aren’t interested in physics – due to an ineffective introductory course.

If educators were to change this approach, by working with the applications of physics and showing the relevance of physics in the modern world, more students might register for subsequent JC Physics tuition. Consequently, there might be a radical increase of potential physicists.

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