2015 Oct

Physics A Level Exam Guidance

October 26, 2015

Physics Exams

The Singapore – Cambridge A Level examinations are starting very soon for most student. It’s a challenging period for most students as you try to cram what has been taught for at least one and half years of content, within just a few months / weeks. The preliminary examinations has given most of you a trial run for the upcoming national examinations. Nevertheless, it is most likely that you are still filled with trepidation. Below are some words of guidance to aid your mental preparation during this final leg of your revision and A Level Physics tuition classes.

1) There are three papers in total for H2 and two papers for H1. Preparation for each of the papers differ. If you would like to gauge your understanding of all the topics in the syllabus quickly, you can practice on Paper 1 – the MCQ paper. There are sufficient number of questions in the paper to cover almost all if not all the topics in the syllabus, so one exam practice MCQ set, be it the past year A Level paper, or past year prelim paper would be a good and quick gauge of your level of understanding for the various topics.

2) For the structured questions in Paper 2 and Paper 3, it is observed from the recent Cambridge marker’s reports, that some form of explanation in full sentences are also required, even for the calculation type questions. While your mathematical / mental calculation skills might be good, it may be wise to reinforce your qualitative skills in explaining your workings.

3) If you have a lack of time in practicing of structured questions, and are choosing to practice between Paper 2 and Paper 3, you can choose Paper 2, as it has Data Analysis and Planning type questions which Paper 3 does not have. Paper 3 are essentially just longer questions of Paper 2.

4) If you don’t already know, the MCQ and structured questions are arranged in the order pretty much according to the syllabus that is downloadable from the SEAB website. When you look at the question, the thought process should be as follows:
a. What is the chapter of this question?
b. Which sub-topic is involved in the question?
c. What are the formula and concepts of the sub-topic applicable to this question?
d. Which values / concepts do I use to make my substitution / explanation?

5) Nothing beats a good night rest the day before the examinations. Clear your mind of messy and incoherent thoughts. Enter the examination hall, knowing that you have given your best for the revision process, and feel confident about it.

All the Best!

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