2017 Dec

Finding A Good Tuition Centre Near You

December 14, 2017

physics tuition
Parents are always worried about their children’s study routine and marks. Even if their child falls behind in one subject, they become concerned. For example, if their child has just failed a physics exam, parents would look for a solution. Nine times out of ten, the solution would be to send them to physics tuition. This applies for just about every student. Tuition plays a crucial supplementing role in a child’s education.
Searching for a professional tutor or a tuition centre with competent teachers is not an easy task. Below are a few things you need to consider when selecting a tuition centre for your child:

  1. Location of the tuition centre

When selecting a tuition centre you need to make sure it is near your house. This way your child will not be sending a lot of time travelling and will be able to redirect this time to studying.

  1. Needs of the student

Some students need to study in a group while others may need individual attention. When selecting a tuition centre, you must inquire if tutors will be able to tend to students individually or not. This is because very few tuition centres provide one-on-one tuition sessions.

  1. Size of the class

Most tuition centres have big classes conducted by one tutor. So, it is very important to ask about the size of the class. Even if you want your child to study in a group, make sure that there are lesser students so the tutor can give due attention to your child. If there are more students in one class it can be frustrating for both students and teachers. A small class ensures that your child learns effectively; moreover, it is also easy for tutors to handle a smaller sized class.

  1. Tutor’s Background

When selecting a tuition centre, you should check the teachers’ credentials and run a background check. Make sure they are experienced teachers so that they can deal with your child’s problems effectively. It is preferable that the tutor is an ex-teacher. This way the tutor will be able to impart knowledge in an effective way. An experienced tutor will also be able to answer any query about the subject from students.

  1. Testimonials

Most tuition centres provide only information that makes them look good but you should try and find out whether these teachers can actually deliver. So it is better to ask their old students or parents of previous students about their experience. This way you can assess the teachers’ calibre and their suitability for the needs of your child. You will definitely find old students and their parents who will give you their feedback so look out for them.

  1. Teaching style

There are 3 main methods children use to learn new things namely auditory, kinaesthetic and visual. So select a tuition centre that uses all three types of teaching styles. Visual learning is the most effective among students. They should also use visual aids like animations, videos, info graphics and pictures to explain difficult concepts. This will make difficult things interesting for the students. If your child needs auditory learning, select a tutor that is good at articulating concepts thoroughly.
Before finalising the tuition centre and teacher also make sure the timings do not clash with other tuitions or activities of your child.

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