2017 Dec

Physics Exam Tips That Actually Work!

December 22, 2017

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Most students consider physics as one of the most difficult subjects, frequently ending up in physics tuitions classes. This is not true; subjects like maths and physics demand you have a clear understanding of the concepts. If you understand the main concepts, you can easily solve any kind of problem in your physics test or exam.
If you work hard and put in effort for your physics exam then you will see it is not a difficult subject. Below are a few tips that can help you in preparing for your physics exam.

  1. You need to go through your main concepts thoroughly. It is preferable to use the main textbook as well as the notes that were provided to you or made by you during lectures.
  2. Do not get distracted. If you are preparing for an exam you need to concentrate on the syllabus. Cancel all your programs close to your exam days. Do not waste time watching TV or talking to your friends on phone or playing games.
  3. Study in a group, it is considered as one of the best ways of studying. This way you will be able to clarify questions pertaining to all, basic and important, concepts and have a better understanding of more concepts.
  4. Solve problems given at the end of chapters and books. This way you will be able to revise all important concepts of the chapter. For more clarification you can solve problems that are provided in work books and old exam books.
  5. If you are not sure about anything you can ask your tutor to clarify it or ask your classmate. Always revise everything and you will not suffer in your exams.
  6. For effective learning, you can use flash cards. The main benefit of flash cards is that you can bring them anywhere you want. This way, you can easily revise on your way to school or college. Flash cards are also considered one of the most effective ways of remembering important concepts. Apart from that you can use websites to clarify any concepts.
  7. Do lots of practice questions. As they say, “practice makes you perfect” it is very true about physics. It is advisable to attempt questions from past papers for practice.
  8. Before going for the exam make sure you have enough sleep. If you are sleep deprived there is a chance you may not able to produce answers the way you prepared them.
  9. When taking an exam, read the question paper thoroughly and understand the question before penning down the answer.
  10. Never forget to mention units in the answer, especially if there are units mentioned in the question. It is essential to mention the right unit, for example, if the question is in meters and you give answer in kilometres, the whole answer will be wrong if you haven’t converted the answer into km. Even if your concept was right, it is necessary to read the question thoroughly before answering it.

While taking a physics exam, be vigilant and avoid making silly mistakes like forgetting to put a decimal point or rounding off the number. These mistakes may seem small but can cost lots of marks from the total score.

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