2018 Dec

Important Do’s And Don’ts Before Your Final Physics Exam

December 27, 2018

The night before your final physics exam can be nerve-wracking. All your efforts during lessons, study and physics tuition classes will culminate in this last exam. You could be confused as to whether any last-minute studying will help or make matters worse. What can you do and what should you avoid doing so that you can recall all the concepts you have been studying throughout the semester?
Here’s a glimpse of three Do’s and Don’ts that’ll make your last minute preparations fruitful.


Make a checklist of what you intend to study and limit each topic in terms of time and depth.

Working without a checklist may cause you to panic or feel overwhelmed about the amount of content covered in the final exam. Therefore, it is prudent to narrow down to a couple of topics that have been troubling over the last few months and focusing your last minute preparations on these topics.
You can also choose topics that were thoroughly covered during your physics tuition classes and limit the amount of time you spend on each topic. Otherwise, you could end up not spending your time proportionally.

Eat a Healthy and Light Meal

You don’t want to wake up the following day, when your final physics exam is due, with a bad tummy. Neither do you want to spend a sleepless night because of indigestion. Go for a light, but healthy dinner and if you crave for a snack during your study session, go for a dry fruit such as an apple.

Take breaks and Stretch Your Body

The night before your final physics paper can feel like the final lap of a marathon and you may want to sit down and burn the midnight oil.
However, this is not such a good move. Working/studying non-stop is bad for your health and reduces your ability to remember. Therefore, take health-breaks between study sessions, stretch your body during these breaks and walk around the compound to enhance blood flow.


Don’t Sit in One Position for Too Long

Your mind needs a break and your body needs to stretch so that it can maximise on assimilation and memory. Therefore, don’t sit at one position for more than one hour.

Stay Away from Allergenic or Junk Foods

If you are susceptible to allergies, stay away from foods that are known to trigger allergic reaction easily. As much as possible, stay away from foods containing dairy products as they could trigger allergies or stomach upset.
Also, stay away from junk foods and fried foods that’ll cause you not to rest well.

Don’t Stay up all Night Studying

Save the craving for an all-nighter till after the exam. However, if you think that an all-night study session before the exam will help you achieve a better grade, stop fooling yourself.
If you’ve been faithfully attending physics tuition in Singapore classes and study sessions over the last few months, then you have sufficient grounds for a good score. All that you need is to recall and apply. However, an all-nighter will diminish your ability to recall and ability to reason. Therefore, always try to get enough sleep.

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