2018 Nov

Developing A Positive Attitude In Physics Subject

November 9, 2018

Whether it’s your student or child, a negative attitude in learning or any other aspects of life is like a dead end. The child can never see any possibilities of their success with a negative mind no matter how much you try to impart knowledge or encourage such a child; you will always hit a block.
Thus, developing a positive attitude in a child should be part of the learning process. With it, the student will find it easy to study and achieve the best that they can. Failing, for some students especially in science subjects such as Physics is not about the tough concepts but rather the mindset.
The student already thinks that the subject is hard before he or she even sets foot in the classroom. And once you start teaching, they are sure nothing good can come out of the subject. However, with a positive attitude, the student will always know it is possible and will set their mind for success. So how can you help that student develop a positive attitude? Here are 5 tips to guide you along when teaching your student.
Change of culture
Some learning institutions are responsible for the negative attitude in the subjects that students are taking, not just the science subject. They have set it as an institutional issue where students do not excel in sciences such as physics. Therefore, when students join the institution, they already know the school does not perform well, and so they join the wagon. Start by changing the culture in the institution and encourage the learners to excel. With time, the negativity will end.
Positive reinforcement
Start rewarding those who excel in the subject. What do learners in your class fancy the most? It could be a trip to the museum, the park or even a science symposium.
Reward those students who perform well to such events. This will stir interest among the rest of the students. Promise the rewards and be sure to give them once they achieve the targets.
Be a role model
Are you an agent of positive attitude or are you part of the problem? Are you the first person to tell your students how hard it is do understand the concepts?
For you to achieve the kind of positive attitude you wish for, you must be a role model. Guide your students and let them know they have the potential to pass in the subject. You can even consider identifying other learners who have excelled in the subject for benchmarking.
Offer physics tuition
Some students may require more attention to catch up in class. Don’t neglect them and leave them lagging. It’s understandable you may not be in a position to offer individualized attention to all the students in the class. After all, you have the syllabus to think about and complete within the scheduled time. In that case, collaborate with the parents and arrange for a A Level or H2 Physics tuition within your area. It will give you a chance to guide your students and accord them all the support they require.
Create a positive environment
Students like to learn in an environment that they love. Ensure the school has a positive environment that learners will always look forward to and even desire. When an environment feels more of a prison than a learning center, then students will definitely have a negative attitude. Make learning fun by incorporating fun activities. Do not use archaic teaching methods. The students will find them too boring, and soon they will associate the Physics subject with boredom. Adopt technology in your lesson delivery and create a holistic approach to learning.
A positive attitude in Physics is the first step in achieving high grades. Once the learners visualize and conceptualize the possibility of passing the subject, they will find it easy to understand the subject and eventually pass. So why not employ the tips above and change the mindset of your learners?

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