2018 Nov

Reasons Students Fail In Physics

November 13, 2018

Physics applies to so many aspects of our lives. This should simplify the laws and the principles of physics, and make them easy to understand. Unfortunately, this is not the case because many students still struggle with this subject. Most of them face problems trying to understand the necessary information of this subject. Physics present the best way for us to understand nature using math. Students could stage a reasonable argument regarding these like teachers not giving proper instructions how they should get it done.
Other reasons cause students issues when tackling physics. Some students might lack the study habits required to help them comprehend the subject better. Some students still fail the exam even after preparing for it thoroughly. The reason can be lack of sufficient time to handle everything or uncompleted syllabus. There are so many reasons why they fail, but we will go through a few of them below.
Hate for Physics
At times it is challenging to make someone not hate something. It is simple; you cannot force anyone to love something they hate. Physics is one of those things that most students do not like, but it is best if they didn’t hate it for life. The remedy is to have an open mind and try to like physics. A positive attitude can surprise them because they can start seeing applications of physics in their daily lives.
They do it Quickly
Even eating a pie is sweeter if you eat it slowly and savor every bite. The same applies to physics if you want to understand the basics of its concepts. It’s advisable that you get the information in bits. If you try to understand a lot of things at one go, you are likely to get overwhelmed and achieve poorer result. The poor results will make you lag behind and most probably affect your overall grade.
Poor Foundation
Physics consists of concepts that interrelate. What you are taught today always correlates with what you had learned in the past. To understand today’s lesson, you have first to understand what you learned in the previous classes. A day before the exam, students should come together and try to understand the different physics concepts. If you encounter difficulties, you can know what you need to ask your physics teacher the following day. In all instances, you should note the concepts that are difficult to understand and ask during your physics tuition in Singapore.
Lack of Time
It is paramount that you allow adequate time when you are revising H2 Physics. Enough time ensures that you improve your overall comprehension of the subject. You will be able to take in more concepts, as opposed to trying to grasp everything in one night.
Skipping Lessons
Most students hate physics, so they try to get flimsy reasons to skip the classes. They end up not having the right notes and waste a lot of time trying to search and prepare notes a few weeks or days to the exam. They do not know all the fundamentals of this subject because they can only learn about them if they attend their classes. Physics becomes easier if students understand all fundamental concepts before sitting for the physics exam.

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