2018 Nov

Ways To Make Your Child Stand Out In School

November 21, 2018

A child’ first teacher is the parent, so how you relate to them and interact with their friends has a role in their progress. It is important that as a parent you do all you can to bring out the best in them. It is wise to start in their first years of life as they are the prime time for emotional and intellectual development. Getting them fancy toys, expensive electronic devices, and a private tutor isn’t the ultimate answer to get them to stand out in school or life in general. There is so much more that parents can do to stimulate their child’s imagination, encourage them to love learning and boost their confidence.
Be physically present in their lives. Always understand what is going on with their lives in and out of school. Develop a genuine interest in their favorite subjects in school and what they enjoy or hate doing while in school. Here are some ways to aid your child’s development.
Seize the Day
As your child’s most important and primary playmate, there are so many chances you have throughout the day to teach them. You can get those moments as you run your errands with them. If you are taking a trip to the local grocery store, you can ask them to list their favorite fruit, check items you need to replenish and help you to determine the vegetables you will need for supper.
There are other opportunities in the house you can utilise to understand them better. Like when it’s time to fold laundry, let your child have a feel of the different types of materials and learn which goes well with female or male clothes. As they keep growing, engage them in tougher tasks such as gardening and let them make crucial decisions regarding the garden. Involving your kids makes them learn a lot and develop an interest in real issues. They will build up their confidence because they will feel equipped even as they get out of home to face their peers in school. A confident child will always stand out from others anytime.
Talk Things Out
Assisting them to learn how to express themselves encourages them always to speak their minds. This can help them a lot to foster better relationships, stand out from their peers and improve their performance in school. Since children develop their style of speaking and vocabularies from copying parents, how you talk will hugely influence them and shapes their verbal development. If they learn to communicate respectably, even in school, they will stand out from others, and everyone will notice. So always watch the way you speak in their presence to other people and be cautious of your reactions too.
Emphasise Creativity
You can ask your kid to draw their thoughts. It will stir up their imaginations and also give you a clue about what they are thinking. Maximise story telling sessions in the house. You can gain more from a story than what you get in the storyline. Let them explain the feelings that the characters portray and you can help them understand more than they can read. Ask them to narrate what they expect to happen in the next section of the story. Learning to do these things often will make them do the same at school. They will always be the first to give answers whenever the teacher asks random questions in class. Even difficult subjects such as sciences will not challenge them. It is easier for them because they are used to been creative and pre-empting thoughts and situations. Such a student will always stand out in school and shine in anything they undertake. Enrolling them for tuition, such as physics tuition, can also help develop both the imaginative and logical aspects of their mind, for better overall cognitive development.
Focus on Fitness
Regular exercise energies the minds and strengthens the body, and can also improve concentration, memory and spark creativity! What’s there not to like? A recent study shows that active children are more likely to perform in class than inactive ones. It is a possible causal relationship because intensive physical exercise forces oxygen and blood to flow in the brain, sparking neurotransmitters that speeds up delivery of information to the brain.

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