2018 Nov

Why Physics Is Considered A Highly Difficult Subject

November 28, 2018

Learning physics is hard. That much everyone can relate to. But, to say that it’s impossible to learn is a hyperbole. Anyone can learn physics, mostly because physics is happening all around us at any given point in time.
But, even though physics is quite prevalent, not a lot of people have a good understanding of it, and many believe that it’s difficult.
Below are four probable reasons why people think that physics is difficult:
1. Physics Requires Memorisation and Application
A lot of people can memorise well. A lot can also solve problems well. Not a lot can do both well enough, and that’s probably why there are those that find physics difficult because it requires both.
Learning physics is a lot like learning a new language. You don’t just learn it by studying new words and reading them out loud. You also have to apply what you just learned and did it correctly, or else, you won’t be able to hold a conversation in whatever language it is you’re trying to learn.
2. Physics Is Unlike Other Subjects
Unlike other subjects where one type of learning or thought process works, physics requires a different approach. Or rather, many different approaches depending on the problem at hand.
Many find physics difficult because they try to solve it like any other subject, when in fact, physics is not meant to be handled the same way.
3. Physics Requires You To Focus on the Basics
Or, to put simply, the “boring” stuff. You see, in physics, just like in math, it’s all about the fundamentals. You can’t progress any further. Or at least, not well enough, if you don’t master the basic ideas. You need to build on them if you want to go even further.
This is something that JC physics tuition classes emphasise – physics all about building upon previous concepts learned, and if you don’t take the time to master everything, you’ll have a hard time taking the next step.
4. Physics Is Irrelevant
Technically, this isn’t true, but a lot of people believe that physics is not relevant to their daily life, which is why they have no incentive to do well in it.
The thing is, however, physics is involved in everything, from the way that you breathe, from the cars, buses, and trains that you ride on to-and-fro work and school, and even the pen that you’re using to write. The laws of physics even help govern what’s possible with today’s current technology – your tablet and smartphone are only made possible by people who have an exceptional understanding of physics.
Physics is not an easy subject to learn. Even the basics take some time to wrap your head around. If you’re having difficulty with your physics, getting physics tuition can help you out.
Getting a fresh perspective from an experienced tutor can open up many things about physics that you didn’t know before. It will help you get a better understanding of the subject. But, perhaps, more importantly, getting tuition might help you appreciate you the subject a little bit more.

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