2018 Oct

Can You Get Good Grades By Going for Tuition?

October 4, 2018

In an attempt to get ahead of others, many students sign up for physics tuition, in addition to classes at school as additional help to ace Singapore’s A-Level examinations.
Today, classes, be it in school or at external tuition classes, dominate urban student life. At the same time, they are criticized as a hindrance to education, student life and school standards. Since almost all students participate in extra tuition classes, the importance of schoolteachers in teaching and educating students has now shrunk.
According to different studies, Physics tuition can help students improve their marks. In fact, these classes approach focuses on excellent academic achievement. However, since it measures the student’s status with this theory-based scorecard, the practical understanding and knowledge of physics are not considered.
In many cases, students are “encouraged” to accept whatever is being described in textbooks. Most of today’s coaching classes are aimed towards simply solving problems via memorisation over understanding and application. A mathematical “magic trick” is taught without students really understanding why it does the trick.
The teachers of these classes teach concepts across many different classes. Therefore, they have it on the tip of their tongue. However, many times students are content with simply having a basic or superficial understanding of the issue, without particularly understanding the nuances of each concept.
Participating in the high school training class is typically a great waste of time for students who are basically not interested in studying. Students who have a great interest in doing extra activities at school in recent years cannot do so because they spent a lot of time in instructional classes or in tuition. In this way, they remain deprived of the benefits of extra-curricular activities. Besides this, this will disturb your prospects if you want to pursue a career in fields that are not academic. Almost all students today who participate in extra classes lose playtime at night. Pain in the lower back, neckline, eye problems, and obesity is increasing among students, all of which can be attributed to attending classes for hours everyday day without physical activity. Students like to chat on the Internet during leisure time because students get tired of touching any type of book after a series of schools and class sessions.
In the end, it can be concluded that private physics tuition certainly has a very positive impact on student’s grades, when it comes to weaker and diligent students, but these extra classes become the reason for depriving students from co-curricular activities that are equally vital for student’s growth. Teachers should also increase the amount of effort they put in regular classes to help the weak students overcome their weaknesses.

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