2018 Oct

Learning Physics – Why It’s Important And How To Make It Easier

October 16, 2018

To many, physics is a classroom subject. Once you’re inside the classroom, you learn it and once you step out, it’s useless.
But that’s not true.
Learning physics is not just about getting good marks on the subject. Although that is incredibly desirable, a better understanding of physics as a whole can help you gain a better appreciation of how the world around you works.
For example, you’re riding a bus and it goes past a tight corner where you see the speed limit. Normally, you wouldn’t think much of it. But your knowledge of physics will help you understand why that speed limit is there and how the authorities arrived at it.
Physics will help you understand how the world works around you and why it works in that manner. Not only that, but the ability to solve complex problems and be logical can be useful in various fields outside of science, such as in business and finance.
Even so, that doesn’t really make learning physics any less difficult. It’s still a difficult and complicated subject to begin with.
Having said that, below are a couple of tips that should help make learning physics easier for you:

1.    Read a lot of Physics books

The thing with learning physics is that it’s all about perspective. Your textbook might be really good, but the way it tackles the concepts might not be necessarily fit how you think.
This is where reading plenty of Physics books come in.
Because you’re reading books written by different authors, you learn about the same concepts but from different points of views, and that’s incredibly important because you now have different perspectives on how to tackle and conceptualise problems.

2.    Learn to create examples with your mind

Physics is less so about memorising than about application. Of course, you need to memorise the formulas, but you’re going to end up forgetting all of that if you don’t know how to apply that into something you can see around you.
When you’re studying physics, it’s incredibly important that you put an emphasis on asking yourself “how does this apply in real life?” and learn how to create examples in your own mind.
That way, you can be sitting down and taking your exam and yet be able to craft a scenario on your mind that helps you solve problems.

3.    Get tuition

Physics is and will never be easy. That’s the reality of things, and sometimes, even though it can be made easier, the truth is that help may be necessary to fully grasp and understand its concepts. Students taking A level physics will appreciate this help.
That’s something where Physics tuition can help.
Good Physics tuition can help students develop a better understanding and appreciation of the subject, while also breaking it down into simpler terms and giving better examples that students can relate to.

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