2018 Oct

Physics Concepts That Students Have A Hard Time Understanding

October 24, 2018

Studying Physics isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time, practice and effort to be able to learn and understand all the different concepts. This is especially true as students gradually move on to studying H2 Physics, where the concepts start to become much more complex.
While there are plenty of complex concepts in H2 Physics, there are a couple that most students seem to have difficulties with.
Below, we list down some of the concepts that students in Singapore find hard to grasp.

The Core Ideas

The core ideas are a crucial part of studying physics as they help students apply these concepts to other aspects of life and more importantly, creates a foundation for building up the rest of their knowledge in the subject.
These ideas include Newtonian Mechanics, Oscillations and Waves, Fundamentals of Thermal Physics, Magnetism and Electricity, as well as Modern Physics.
One reason why most students often have difficulties grasping these core ideas is that they often do not create a common and holistic platform that encourages better understanding of the subject matter early on during their studies of Physics.
This is a problem that can be potentially solved by attending H2 Physics tuition as students will be taught the importance of building a good foundation of the core ideas and how all of the concepts are closely interconnected with one another.

Integrated Module

Another module that students often struggle with is Integrated Module. The goal of the Integrated Module is simple – to enable students to connect all of the concepts that they have learnt with the core ideas. However, many students fail to get a good grasp of how to apply their conceptual knowledge.
A good way to promote a better understanding of this is by using real-world context and examples instead of relying solely on theory. Doing so helps to illustrate concepts to students in a way that’s better understood and digested. More importantly, it helps to encourage the real-world application of conceptual knowledge which can help during assessments or the answering of exam questions.
By making the subject matter more interactive and fun, either via experimental activities or through the use of various IT tools, difficult concepts such as Rectilinear Motions are made easier and simpler to understand.

What Other Topics Are Difficult?

Topics such as speed, acceleration, displacement and velocity, among many others, are also particularly difficult for students. Students often have problems grasping both the graphical representations and understanding their definitions.
Trying to understand how certain concepts work, especially when they are not tangible can be incredibly intimidating. For a case in point, what is the equation for air resistance? How about the uniform acceleration of objects on a straight line? These are just two of the many chapters tackled in H2 physics that many students have difficulties wrapping their heads around.
Of course, given enough time and effort, every student is bound to understand these concepts eventually. When, however, is a big determining factor. Considering that students are often on a time crunch with many other responsibilities and subjects to worry about, it is important for them to be able to understand these concepts as soon as possible, and that is where physics tuition can come in handy.

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