2018 Oct

Why You Should Start Loving Physics

October 25, 2018

You can’t really blame anyone for not liking Physics that much. It’s not an easy feat, and most people believe that they’ll never be able to apply the knowledge learnt in real life.
Only two of those things are real, though. Because, the fact is, Physics, as complex as it is, is a subject matter that can and is applied to everyday life.
How so?
Below, we’ve rounded up a couple of reasons why you should start loving Physics more starting today.

1.    Physics is all around you

Physics is literally everywhere you look.
You see, the core premise of understanding physics is to focus less on memorization, and to focus more on understanding the concepts. To learn, you should seek to understand, not to memorize.
Once you do have a better understanding, you’ll realize that Physics can be applied to pretty much everything in life. How cars work and how the wheels turn in conjunction with each other to propel thousands of pounds worth of metal and plastic forward to take you to your destination, is something that can be explained with Physics.
Even simple everyday stuff such as why a balloon floats, why things that go up must come down, or even how we are able to stand upright, are all things that Physics can explain.

2.    Solving problems in real life

Science, in general, is about asking questions, finding answers, and testing out whether those answers actually work.
You’ll see this a lot in Physics as well, and because Physics is literally everywhere, the subject requires you to develop the ability to solve problems by creating a mental image of it and seeing whether this solution is viable.
This ability to analyze problems and arrive at a solution doesn’t just help you in Physics, it helps you in life. Having such a thought process can turn students into problem solvers who have the ability to ask questions, analyze problems and come up with effective solutions.

3.    It’s great for your career

Physics brings a rather broad perspective to any problem. There are endless solutions when it comes to solving something. At least, not to a physicist. And while you probably don’t intend to study Physics or Science at university, you may find it useful that physicists are desirable in just about every field imaginable.
A degree in Physics can serve as a great foundation for careers in law, law enforcement, business, finance, and more.
Even just achieving high marks on the subject while in school can do wonders for your college applications.
Of course, no matter how much you love Physics, learning is a different story altogether. It’s a complex subject matter that requires a thorough understanding, constant effort, and a lot of practice to develop sufficient working knowledge.
If you’re a student who’s struggling to do well in your H2 levels physics, consider looking for a H2 Physics tuition program in your area to help you.
Remember, studying Physics isn’t all about getting good grades; there’s just so much more to this branch of Science than most people think.

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