2018 Sep

Key Differences between Group Tuition vs One-on-One

September 6, 2018

Each year, thousands of worried parents search for tutoring to help their kids who are struggling academically. There has been a hot debate concerning whether group tuition or private tutoring is more effective for your child. It is important to look at the reasons that compel parents to adopt this decision as well as the key differences between group and one-one-one physics tuition
Of course, there are many reasons why parents consider external tutoring for their kids. First, the parents themselves lack the knowledge and time to explain some of the complicated topics in physics when they asked for help. Secondly, the child may be scoring low grades in physics. Thirdly, the child may be showing potential for better scores in the subject, and thus external tutoring could help them realise that potential.
Parents need to look at many factors as regards whether to choose a group or private tuition. Let’s look at both choices separately.
Group Tuition
Group tuition involves one or several tutors teaching a given number of students, not a whole classroom. The misconception with group tuition is that it resembles a cattle farm, where learners can get lost in the mob. Unlike the crowded tuition centres, group tuition can have a ratio of up to 8 students for every tutor. Therefore, all students enjoy one-to-one attention, with the advantages of working in a group.
A group tuition session headed by the right tutor provides an opportunity for learners to develop both academically and socially. Within a small group, learners feel safer regarding taking risks and responding to questions, and that’s a huge incentive.
Moreover, a combined study is also associated with group tuitions. Learners can talk about concepts in physics, find solutions, and work together in teams. This improves their social skills such as communication besides fostering teamwork.
Further, seeing the exam results of their peers could have a confidence-improving effect. The fact that your colleague has scored good grades in physics can reinforce the belief that you can also score better marks as well. As a result, this produces healthy competition.
One-on-One Tuition
If you wish for a more focused learning experience for your child, consider one-to-one physics tuition. This type of private tutoring involves one tutor and your child. This individualised learning experience comes with a lot of benefits.
Students who have a hard time grasping concepts and formulas need further individualised attention which can be obtained in private H2 physics tuition lessons. First, the tutor performs a dynamic assessment to gauge the learning speed of the student and which topics they might be having difficulties understanding. The outcome of this assessment is then used to modify the teaching methods and lessons as well as adjust the teaching speed to meet the specific needs of the student.
The most important benefit of one-one-tuition is that parents can observe and track the progress of the student. You can easily ask for feedback about your child’s growth from the tutor.
Some students are shy to ask questions in front of their peers. While they may have important queries, they remain silent much to their detriment. This also shows a lack of self-esteem and confidence, especially for slow learners. With private tuition, the child can easily ask the tutor questions without having to worry about other students because there’s none around to judge them. Additionally, the tutor through encouragement and praises to the child can help improve their self-confidence towards the subject and academics in general.
Private tuition can be done in your home. Instead of having your child travel to a tuition centre, the tutor can always be coming to your home. It’s the same as homeschooling. Your child is more likely to learn better when he or she is in a familiar surrounding like the home.
The current generation is all about competition. Students want better grades to land better jobs in the future. For your kid to survive this cutthroat world, education is the only key. Whether you prefer group or private tuition, make sure you provide your children with the best education possible and make their future life easier. After all, education is the best thing you can give your children for self-sustenance.

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