2018 Sep

The Science Behind How Tuition Can Help Your Child

September 19, 2018

Physics is one of the essential science subjects taught in school with students enrolling for pure physics or combined sciences (physics/ biology). Basically, physics is concerned with the study of matter and its relationship with energy and force. It seeks to understand the physical as well as natural phenomena in the universe through observation and scientific experimentation.
For some who graduate to secondary school and come across the physics subject, learning about heat radiation, the structure of atoms, light waves, magnetism, sound, and electricity may be somewhat daunting and dispiriting. Furthermore, the study of physics also borrows heavily from Mathematics which is equally a cause of concern for many students. Therefore, chances are your child might be scoring poor grades in physics because of their struggles with the subject.
A good solution would be to consider physics tuition for your child whether it’s H2 Physics Tuition or O-Level Physics Tuition. Tutoring sessions can assist your child to develop learning and revision skills that will lead to a better understanding of the subject and good grades. This article looks at the science behind the benefits of tuition for your child.
Individualised learning experience
In a classroom setting, the teacher is not able to give one-on-one attention to each student and thus cater to their respective individual needs. As you are probably aware, the learning speeds of students differ. Some are fast learners while others are slow learners. The good news about private physics tuition is that the tutor first gets to know how your child learns physics through a dynamic assessment. The objective of this test is to evaluate the strengths, needs, and potential of your child. The outcome of this assessment is then used by the tutor to tailor the lessons as well as the pace of learning to fit the specific needs of your child.
In a set up comprising of only the learner and the tutor, the student is likely to be more confident and express himself or herself better and ask anything they don’t understand about the physics subject. Consequently, the tutor can offer an explanation to the student which leads to a better understanding on the part of the student. Sooner, your child will be scoring good grades in physics.
A positive attitude
Attitude has a significant impact on the student’s success. By definition, attitude is the state of mind regarding a situation, a fact, or an object. In this case, your child’s attitude on the physics subjects will determine whether they perform well or poorly. Attitudes are often revealed through human behaviour. Therefore, failure to consistently finish or even attempt A level physics tuition homework or even participate in classroom reveals a child’s state of mind or attitude towards the subject.
A learner who enters the classroom with a positive attitude and willingness to participate enjoys positive energy which makes physics fun and more comfortable to learn. A good attitude like ‘previously I was poor in physics, but I can still learn to understand physics and get better grades from this time forth,’ eliminates self-imposed doubts and limits.
A private tutor can shape the attitude of your child through constant encouragement and plaudits. Your child will no longer be frustrated with the subject. This more positive attitude opens the door to learning as well becoming superior in the subject, notwithstanding past performance.
Building confidence
For many students, high self-esteem and confidence usually form part of their personalities. Sadly, for those that struggle in physics or any other subject, self-esteem and confidence may fast erode away. When a learner loses their self-belief, they also lose the ability to grasp new concepts and succeed academically.
As a matter of fact, learners who were once struggling but have now transitioned to assured learners courtesy of tutoring services claim that, before they began receiving private tuition, they usually felt like they were swimming against the current in terms of understanding the skills and concepts being taught by the teacher in the class setup. For struggling learners, a tutor is able to improve their self-belief and confidence and thus open the door for a better understanding of their physics lessons.
Physics, just like other sciences, is a cumulative subject. If you struggle to grasp the concepts taught, you should continue striving and trying. Furthermore, to perform better academically especially in physics, a student needs to have the right mindset, confidence and be in a positive learning environment. All these aspects can be assured when you provide your child with private tutoring.

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