2018 Sep

What Educational Path Aspiring Physicists Should Take

September 20, 2018

Do you belong to that class of students who have a lot of interest in learning how the things work and why they work the way they do? If you are one of those students who love to perform scientific experiments and mathematics, then you definitely should pursue your career as a physicist and should take up physics as your major in college.
Physics is undoubtedly the base for the modern science and for ages, it has fascinated and inspired some of the greatest minds of all times. Let it captivate you too cause you never know; you could be one of the most popular physicists of the future. However, for that to happen, you should have an interest in physics, as well as, being an expert in it too.
So, for that, look for professional physics tuitions in Singapore and ace the subject today!
Before we look into the details of how to become a physicist, let’s have a brief look at what does a physicist do and who they actually are!
What Does a Physicist Do?
Physicists are individuals who investigate how the different kinds of matter and energies work hand in hand. They achieve this by performing research and analysis. This helps them learn more about the forces like that of electromagnetism. Once they understand the basics, they can progress to making essential equipment like medical equipment used in hospitals. Those physicists who are in the research department test the different theories and models like particle accelerators and lasers. Basically, the work of a physicist is to collect scientific data and perform complex mathematical equations to analyse the data they collect.
What Is a Physicist?
Physicists are scientists who study the behaviour of the particles and forces of nature, plus their interactions. Physicists attempt to learn and understand more about the nature of the universe through studying the interactions between energy and matter.
In general, there are two types of physicists; experimental physicists specialise in the observation of physical phenomena and experiment analyses, while theoretical physicists are specialists in the field of mathematical modelling of physical systems to explain and predict natural phenomenon.
Steps to Become a Physicist

  1. Get a Bachelor’s Degree

The bachelor’s degree in physics allows classroom instructions and lab experiments to learn the advanced topics of physics.

  1. Complete Your Internship

Internships are vital as they offer you an opportunity to take part in the research work. You will also be offered a mentor who will help you develop in a professional way.

  1. Earn a Doctorate Degree

Doctorate programs are solely based on research. It usually takes around 5 to 6 years to obtain a doctorate degree. Some possible fields are specialisations are; cosmology, molecular physics, particle physics and complex systems.

  1. Look for a Job

Finally, it is time to look for a job.
Some alternative careers for the physicists are as biochemists and biophysicists. However, these degrees require you to complete your doctorate’s degree or at least have a professional degree. Usually, these two professions study the chemical and physical properties of the living things. Most of their work is related to the medical field. Some similar fields are research scientists, but, they too need a professional degree. These people are responsible for inventing new technology, plus they also are required to improve the present technologies used.

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