2018 Sep

Why Holidays Are The Best Time For Constant Physics Revision

September 13, 2018

After a normal school term spanning several weeks, schools often close for a few weeks for the school holidays. Typically, end of term breaks provide an opportunity for students to clear their minds, relax a bit and spend time with family and friends. As the old maxim goes, ‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.’
However, most students get caught up in the holiday mood and often slack off in their studies. Nothing could be worse than this especially when it comes to physics. Studying may not seem like a good recipe for holiday enjoyment. However, remember that most schools nowadays have opening exams right after the holidays, just to gage whether the students were studying on their own or not.
Physics has a lot of concepts and formulae that must be at your fingertips. You can permanently grasp these concepts and formulas if you carry on with a study routine even during the holidays.
As opposed to when the school term is in session, the holidays mark a time when students are not bombarded with new content by their teachers on a daily basis. With a lot of free time available, students can use this break to revise from the last ten or so weeks of learning. You should write brief summaries for each topic of your physics syllabus. These topic summaries allow you to organise your thoughts and provide a fast and resourceful source of refined information. Therefore, when exam time beckons, you won’t need to cram bulk information the night before.
Exercise your brain
When schools are on a break, students are no longer working their brains at maximum capacity every day. Remember, the brain is a muscle which requires routine exercise to keep functioning at its best. According to research, students usually drop 2 or 3 reading levels during school holidays. When you maintain even a low-level study routine during the break, your mind remains active and accustomed to solving equations and grasping meaning when school resumes, you will be among the top students to pick up where you left off. Make sure you study for at least 20 minutes a day during the holidays. It’s also best to continue your physics tuition during the holidays so as to not lose the momentum.
Routines are important for students. Your mind is programmed to work in a particular way. During the school term, chances are you have a routine study habit. However, when you drop that study routine during the holidays, it becomes so hard for you to get it back when school resumes. Your concentration level will be low and you’ll require a lot of willpower during the first few times. Indeed, getting back into the studying routine may be rather difficult. An alternative would be to sign up for a level physics tuition – depending on your level of education.
Study Broadly
What you learn in class is usually a very linear, particular exploration of a key concept. Of course, there are always moments when you will be fascinated by a concept learned in the classroom and want to divulge more into it. The school break is the perfect time to expand your knowledge in the topic you’re actually interested in. Going beyond whatever you’re taught in school is a great way to learn about new and bigger contexts.
Physics is a subject that demands consistent studying and revision. The holidays should not be a time to totally slacken off but a continuation of the school term routine.

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