2019 Apr

How Do Physics Tuitions Help Ease A Child’s Fear?

April 26, 2019

H2 Physics Tuition
Let’s ask ourselves why difficult subjects create fear in students. A student’s sense of wonder is overpowered by anxiety and fear especially when it comes to a difficult subject like Physics. A majority of students are fearful of this subject in which they are unable to score good grades, leading to a drop in their overall performance scores in class. There are various factors which end up instilling this fear in a child;  let’s have a look at a few of them.
Why children are afraid of some subjects

  • Concepts are difficult to understand

For some subjects, for example, physics, the concepts can be daunting for students. Since a lot of mathematical formulas are involved in solving problems of physics, students who struggle with mathematics tend to be afraid of physics as well. This is why a huge percentage of students opt for physics tuition in Singapore.

  • Inefficient pedagogy

The approach used by teachers may or may not be efficient in clarifying the concepts in certain subjects. This directly affects the student’s understanding and ultimately affects his/ her grades and academic performance at school.

  • Competition among friends

If it so happens that a child is struggling with some subjects when their friends are not, an inferiority complex is likely to arise in the child. This makes the child even more averse to that particular subject.
How does going for physics tuition help?
Here is how private tuitions like h2 physics tuition would be a good idea for students:

  • Customized pace of learning

A private tutor would gauge the individual pace of a student and customize his way of teaching accordingly. This is in stark contrast with in-school teaching whereby the teacher has to finish the curriculum within a fixed time. The individual attention given by the tutor can help the child maximise their potential, thus resulting in good scores.

  • Timely course completion

Despite the customised pace of teaching, private tutors ensure that the syllabus is completed well ahead of time so that the child has ample time for revision and clarification of doubts. This is because of the provision of extra classes for the students whenever needed.

  • Practice and evaluation

Private tutors make their students practice a lot more than teachers at school. Regular practice helps in better understanding and faster problem-solving. As a result, the child will overcome his/ her fear of not being able to complete the exam in time or failing the exam.
Private tuition in Singapore is a must—not just for the weak ones. This is because tutors not only help overcome the fear of a difficult subject like physics but also help the students learn the smart way instead of the hard way. The clarity in concepts gradually makes the student enjoy studying the subject, making it easier for him/her to score better grades. Private tuition helps boost the self-confidence of a student and the improvement of his/her grades will assure a better future. They help to mould a student that will able to face and succeed in the real competitive world.

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