2019 Feb

Seven Habits Of Successful Physics Students

February 12, 2019

Many people want to succeed in physics mostly for the prestige. However, few realise that success doesn’t come as easy as they had perceived it.  Some students think that a session of physics tuition in Singapore is sufficient to propel them to success. But they are deceived. Successful physics students nurture habits that not only enable them to study better and grasp more but also set them up for success in life.
There are variations of these habits; however, the following seven habits are common across all successful physics students.

They are Proactive

Successful physics students are proactive about learning and studying. They will write down realistic study goals, visualise their success and take time every day to align their activities towards achieving the goals.
Remember, without a good picture of how success looks like, you wouldn’t realise when you achieve it.
Therefore, they define the end from the beginning. For instance, describing what a successful physics tuition session, or study session, would be before attending it.

They Establish a Study Zone

Studying often requires privacy. However, successful physics students go beyond the requirement for privacy to establishing their own “private study environment.” Space and time where there are no interruptions from family or friends or gadgets for that matter, and at a place where they know where to reach out and get a glass of water, there’s ambient lighting, and they can access all their stationery without a struggle.

They Start with the Topics They like the Most

As with anyone, successful physics students start with topics they like the most, or they start with topics they require minimal mental energy. As they perform tasks and solve problems that require less mental input, it creates a rewarding feeling and motivation to progress to other more complex topics.
Once they are done with the “easy parts” they have won half the battle and can move on, more confidently, to other tough sections that require more mental energy.

They Don’t Cram

Successful physics students know that cramming equals panicking. Whether it is tuition session or study sessions, cramming all your lessons into one session has disastrous outcomes. Instead, successful physics students plan for regular, but shorter, study periods to enable the concepts to sink in.

They Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination is like cancer that kills success. Successful physics students don’t put off important or difficult problems until the next physics tuition session. Instead, they seek out their tutors or teachers for help. They also present such issues to their study groups and thrash out the solutions with their peers.

They Get Enough Sleep and Rest

Successful physics students make time for enough sleep and rest. They hit the recommended eight hours of sleep almost every night, and you’ll hardly find any struggling to keep their eyelids open during a study session or a physics tuition session.
Successful students know that a good night sleep refreshes the mind, it enables better assimilation of information, memory, and enhances the ability to reason.

Lastly, They Enroll in Physics Tuition

Many average grade students think that enrolling in physics tuition is a preserve for weak students who have trouble grasping a specific concept. Not so!
Physics tuition enhances your understanding of concepts, expands your perspectives and deepens a person’s interests in physics, perfect ingredients for success in physics.

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