2019 Jan

Great Ways You Can Help Your Child Excel In School

January 8, 2019

Parental support is key to making sure that your kids do their best academically. But, how exactly can a parent such as yourself support your child? This is the question that many parents ask as there is often a growing divide between parents and their kids because of things like the generational gap and more.
Below, we rounded up some of the best ways parents can help their children excel in school.
Make Sure That Your Child is Ready to Learn
Your child should be well-rested, bathed, and fed before they go to school. Studies have shown that students who eat breakfast are more likely to go to school and do better.
What you feed your child is also important. Foods rich in whole grains, protein, fibre, and low in artificial or added sugar are best for breakfast. If you don’t have the time to prepare a full breakfast meal, something like peanut butter and banana sandwich for breakfast, as well as fresh fruit (or two) and yoghurt as a snack, should be great for the child. Also, look into what your school provides for breakfast, some have healthy breakfast options for students.
Sleep is also essential. At least 10 hours of sleep a night helps students maximise their learning potential. Any less and their learning capacity drops off. Not to mention, they’re more likely to be irritable and less likely to pay attention in class if they don’t get enough sleep.
So, establish a proper sleep routine and get your child a good, healthy breakfast so your child can end and start the day on a good note.
Be Involved
You don’t have to have teaching skills, nor have a lot of time, to be involved in your kid’s academics.
Setting aside time every now and then to attend your child’s school events, or even just to go see your child at school, can do wonders for their motivation. But, try not to pry. Instead, keep your involvement known but minimal at best. Most children don’t like it when their parents are too involved.
If you have time, you can check the school or your child’s teacher to see what volunteer opportunities are available at the school that fit your schedule.
You’ll be amazed at how very little of your time spent at your child’s school can go a long way in your child’s interest in going to school.
Talk About School at Home
Allot a portion of your time every day to let your child talk about school. Try not to reprimand them too, if you can. Or else, they might dread “these talks” and be less open to you. Instead, let them talk about what happened to school and how they are doing.
When children know that their parents are interested in their lives, they’re more likely to listen to their parent’s advice and take what they say to heart.
Enrol your Child in Private Tuition
Whether it’s private physics tuition in Singapore, or an art class, a dance class, or a private tutor to help your child work on weak subject areas, your child could always use some extra help, especially if it’s from someone who’s trained to help them see education in a more positive light and more qualified to teach them about particular subject matters or activities than other teachers, or even you.

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