2019 Jan

How To Ace Your H2 Physics Exams

January 22, 2019

Final semester exams are a major milestone. They contribute heavily to the semester grade, influencing the final outcome more significantly than the regular weekly assignments or tests. Moreover, since the exams cover what you’ve been learning throughout the entire semester, you’ll need to put more effort into the preparation.
One way you can do that is by enrolling for H2 Physics tuition  which can help you achieve your goal of acing the physics exams with the guidance of a qualified tutor. Aside from getting tuition, there are a few other tips that will set you on the road to scoring a distinction in your H2 physics exam.

Practice Problems

In Physics, and other science classes, you cannot avoid the fact that you have to eventually work out the problems and solve them. Moreover, reading the books and looking through the notes to completely understand the theory is important. However, it’s not enough.
First, you should go through various text titles and identify relevant topics with your H2 Physics tutor. On each topic, pick out three or five random sample problems that you’ll work out. If you find any particular topic or section that’s challenging, go through the problem during your Physics tuition session then pick out an additional five random sample questions to work out.
Keep doing this until you find yourself at a position where you are comfortable with the section and can figure out how to solve problems with ease.

Create Structure

Some students receive study guides from their tutors to help them prepare for major exams. They have been found to be very helpful to students before undertaking their exams. However, most tutors do not provide the guides and students must, therefore, find their own way to prepare.
If you happen to currently be in that position, consider making a checklist of all the things you need to do in preparation for the exam. In your checklist, you may include solving sample problems for practice purposes, enrolling for physics tuition to help you get a grip on challenging topics, going over previous homework problems, and creating flash cards.

Study with Peers

Peer study groups have been known to be extremely effective learning platforms. You can form a study group with your classmates or colleagues from the physics tuition class and use the group to front questions challenging areas that are likely to be examined.
As you engage with peers, you get to learn from your friends and classmates new ways to tackle different problems in a fun environment. Also, you get opportunities to teach others. This way, not only do you convey information to the learner, but also reinforce your knowledge.
While you are teaching, your colleagues will ask different questions that’ll force you to perceive problems from different perspectives and sharpen your cognitive skills.

Enrol in Physics Tuition

Earlier on, we’ve mentioned Physics tuition is an integral part of acing your H2 Physics exams. Enrolling for a few sessions of it, especially sessions that’ll cover challenging topics, enables you to devote sufficient time to study, learn at a faster rate, and fully understand the topics.
Therefore, enrolling in physics tuition gives you the perfect opportunity to practice problems, develop a structure and study with peers. Moreover, it gives you the edge when you want to ace your H2 Physics exams.

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