2019 Jan

Why Is It So Hard To Do Well In Physics

January 30, 2019

Hands up if you’re happy that you’re no longer studying up for your JC physics. Or better yet, out of JC Physics tuition so you don’t have to deal with extra hours of studying either.
Unless you took up a career in Physics, it’s probably not something you’re fond of, even though it’s happening all around you. Physics, as prevalent as it is, universally have a negative perception, and perhaps for good reason, which is for being a tough subject.
Below, we rounded up a couple of reasons that, we believe, help explain why people find it so hard to do well in Physics, especially without Physics tuition help.

1.    Public perception

When you come in feeling negative about something that’s already particularly difficult, it can be hard to like it.
That’s exactly what happens to Physics for most people.
Even before they start their first discussion of the subject in their early years, students already know that they’re in for a hard time, which makes the subject even harder to understand and grasp because they already think negatively of it.

2.    Less memorization, more problem-solving

They say that learning Physics is a lot like learning a language. The comparison makes sense, because, just like learning a language, you don’t need to memorize as much as you would apply what you had learned.
In Physics, it’s all about the application of all the measurements and formula that you just learned to solve the problems given.
This makes Physics very much unlike the other subjects in school, which can make learning it particularly difficult because it is a different process.

3.    It’s all about the basics

Unlike other subjects, where you can have a minimal understanding of the basics and still be able to grasp the more difficult concepts, Physics is different.
If you don’t understand the basic Physics concepts, you certainly won’t do well later on. Why?
Because it’s extremely hierarchal.
By that, we mean that Physics builds upon previous concepts learned and because it requires a good understanding of Maths as well, keeping up with the ever-growing difficulty of Physics can be difficult for a lot of students.

4.    Lack of appreciation

As already mentioned earlier, Physics is all around you. You probably just don’t know it.
From your phone to your laptops, gaming consoles, and even how our bodies work and how we’re able to study upright compared to other animals, all of it can be explained by Physics. (or, in the case of gadgets, made possible by it)
Perhaps the inability of many instructors to try and relate Physics to daily life is to blame for this, or maybe it’s just because of how the curriculum is structured. But, either way, a lot of people have a severe lack of appreciation for Physics and how it basically governs our daily lives.
Physics is difficult. Not in the sense that it’s near-impossible to learn. But, rather, most likely because it’s just different, and requires a different approach.
If you keep an open mind, Physics is not that hard, and with the help of Physics tuition, you should be able to gain a better understanding and appreciation of this natural science.

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