2019 Jan

Why Is Private Tuition So Popular In Singapore?

January 16, 2019

Private tuitions is very popular in Singapore. In fact, most parents opt for private tuitions for their children, with the number increasing as the children age.
Below, we discuss the many possible reasons why private tuition has become such a necessity among many Singaporean students.

1.    The need to excel in every subject

To even get a chance to get into the top universities today, a student not only has to excel in one subject, a student has to be good in all of them. But, that’s not always possible. Because of how the traditional school works, teachers have to divide their attention among a certain number of students. Although some students can do just fine in this setting, some students are left out, and a result, aren’t able to do as well.
Enrolling in private tuition can allow these particular students to catch up and excel in trouble areas.

2.    Improved exam scores

To excel these days means to get the highest possible exam score.
So, even if private tuition can help troubled students the most, even a student that’s already doing well at school can benefit from private tuition. A tutor can help even the best students improve their skills and allow them to prepare better so they can achieve phenomenal exam scores.

3.    Supplemental child care for parents

It’s no secret that many parents see private tuition as child care. This is a fact of life. Because of how it’s become necessary for Singaporeans to work more to keep up with their ever-growing family expenses, more and more parents have less time to spend with their children, let alone help them with their school work. Not only that, but not all parents are equipped with the right teaching skills, nor have had the training to help bring out their children’s potential.
This is where private or home tuition comes in.
Private tutors are often former teachers who received further education and training so they can assist in the facilitation of learning of individual students, even in JC Physics Tuition. They’re well-versed in multiple learning methods and will often experiment with various ways to find out what works with a particular student best.
Mostly because of this reason, private tuition has become very popular in Singapore. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone, or so to speak. For children, they receive the benefit of being taught in a systemic way by someone who was actually training to help them. Meanwhile, for parents, they get the supplemental child care that they need while also the peace of mind knowing that their children are studying properly.
As students in Singapore grow older, the need for private tuition also grows. In particular, physics tuition has become somewhat necessary for older children, especially for those who have trouble keeping up with their physics lessons at school.
Either way, the situation is a win-win for all parties involved, including teachers, which allows them to enjoy better income and job flexibility, among others.

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