2019 Mar

What To Take Note Of When Studying For Physics Exam

March 21, 2019
A Level Physics Tuition

Passing a physics exam is a feat that every student wants to achieve. While many students rush to try cover as much work as possible in the last minute, excelling in physics is a process it. Entails proper preparation all through the study process together will the much-needed composure as you near the exam process. There are techniques you can effectively deploy and be sure of readiness to tackle the test. They are as enlisted below.

Pay Attention to Class Work

Everything that will be presented to you as the test will be derived from concepts you are taught in class. Some of these skills are very complex, making it difficult to internalize them in the last minute. It is mandatory that you concentrate during class, ensuring you cover everything taught in good time. Be as active as possible and seek help every time you are faced with a difficult concept.

Try Not to Depend Solely on Memorisation

Physics skills entail a lot of formulas, theories and concepts to learn. Trying to memorise is practically impossible. Have an approach that encourages understanding more than memorising is the safest way to having an easier time during an exam.

Read Notes

Always have a habit of taking notes every time you study and learn something new. Combining these notes with the textbook and other resources is enough content to revise with when preparing for an exam. You will be able to refresh your memory better, and polish on concepts you seem to have forgotten.

Embrace Group Work

Everybody has unique strengths and weaknesses that reflect every time you are studying. Studying as a group is a good way to get assistance in areas you have difficulty as you assist others where you understand better. In a constructive group, you will be able to cover more work than you would have achieved alone.

Enrol for a Tuition Program

Going to tuition classes is creating more time to study and prepare for an exam. You can get classes for H2 physics tuition; A-level physics tuition or JC physics tuition. Experienced tutors know how best to prepare their students for all levels of examination.

Determine What the Exam will Entail

There are various ways of predicting what the exam will entail. One way is by studying past examination papers to see what is normally tested.  You can also go through your notes to see what teacher emphasised on the most so you can revisit and study them.

Familiarise Yourself With Your Calculator

Ensure you have the materials you need for the examination. Familiarize with how your calculator works and ensure everything you need for the examination is ready. You can try out some problems with your calculator just to be sure it is functioning properly.

On the day of the examination, ensure you get to the exam room with only what is approved. Read all instructions carefully before tackling the questions. Attempt questions you find easy first so as to redirect more time to the difficult ones. Try as much as possible to follow procedures and clearly write them down so as to get the maximum points.

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