Apr 2017

Maxwell Right-Hand Grip Rule

April 25, 2017


There are many complex topics in the field of physics and right-hand grip rule is one among them. A student needs to understand the topic and the elements of it in order to learn it. The right-hand grip rule is also known as corkscrew-rule and it was named after the French physicist and mathematician Andre-Marie Ampere. It is used to show the rotation of a body or a magnetic field and represents the connection between the current and magnetic field around the wire.

Defining right-hand grip rule

The right-hand grip rule is used to determine the relationship between the current and the magnetic field based upon the rotational direction. To understand the definition, one must understand the demonstration of the right-hand grip rule. For this, the wire needs to be held in the right hand and the thumb should point towards the direction of the flow of current then curl your fingers around the wire. Now, the curled fingers show the direction of the magnetic field around the wire and how the compass would line-up if placed at that point.

Understand the basic concept of right-hand grip rule

Understanding the concept of right-hand grip rule is difficult for many students and so they commit silly mistakes in the examinations like using the left hand for the right-hand grip rule. It should be kept in mind that this rule should only be performed with the right hand. Apart from determining the relationship between current and magnetic field it also shows that moving charges can create magnetic fields.

Application of right-hand grip rule

There are certain situations where right-hand grip rule can be applied. This rule is used in two complementary applications of Amperes circuital law which are; when an electric current is passed through a solenoid, a magnetic field is created. The thumb points towards the magnetic field line when the fingers are curled up around the wire in the direction of the flow of current.

Make it easy to learn and understand

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