Apr 2017

What Is Magnetic Flux?

April 21, 2017


To understand the complex topic of magnetic flux, a student needs to understand the content thoroughly. In the field of physics, magnetic field lines and magnetic flux also known as “lines of force” plays an important role. All magnets have two regions called magnetic poles which consist of the basic property of magnetism. They make invisible chains (also known as vector field) around the circuit with a definite pattern which is known as flux. Magnetic flux is something which denotes the number of magnetic field lines that passes through a given area such as a loop of wire.

Definition of Magnetic Flux

According to the definition of magnetic flux, the number of magnetic field lines that passes through a given surface is known as magnetic flux. A magnet can be of any shape and size and produce these magnetic field lines which are strongest at the poles (north and south) and moves from north to south. These magnetic poles are always in a pair.

Understand More About Magnetic Flux

As mentioned above, magnets of any shape and size produce invisible chains of magnetic field lines which start from the North Pole and ends up in the South Pole. These poles have magnetic property around them which forms lines of force. Usually, you cannot see the magnetic flux lines with the naked eye but it can be seen with the use of iron fillings. The lines of magnetic flux are more dense and strong near the poles. Magnetic flux is denoted by the symbol “Phi‘’. It is to be remembered that magnetic flux of a closed area is always zero.

Important Facts About Magnetic Flux

There are some important facts related to “magnetic flux’’ which should be kept in mind while studying. Firstly, different lines of force never cross each other. Second, magnetic flux is always continuous. Third, the direction of lines of force is from north to south. Fourth, magnetic flux is strong near the ends and is weak when farther apart. Fifth, they always form a closed loop around the magnet moving from north to south. Sixth, the magnetic flux of closed area such as a ball is zero. Seventh, magnetic flux of an opened area (disk surface, square surface) need not be zero.

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