Apr 2022

4 Key Factors That Can Get You The A in A-Level Physics

April 26, 2022

4 Key Factors That Can Get You The A in A-Level Physics

Physics is a subject that many Singaporeans had previously studied when they were in school; most might even agree that it can be rather challenging. From Sheldon (The Big Bang Theory) to Dr Emmet Brown (Back to The Future Trilogy), physics has been painted as a subject for peculiar, anti-social individuals who are intelligent and can keep up with the sums, calculations, and scientific concepts.

O-Level physics introduces you to the basics of the subject with contents such as Newtonian mechanics, thermal physics, electricity, and magnetism. If you have decided to take on A-level physics, you enter the world of nuclear physics, quantum physics, and infinitesimal particles. Scoring an A in A-Level physics is another challenge, albeit not a job for intelligent students only – achieving an A in physics combines a good foundation, disciplined attitude, and personal interest.

By the end of this article, we hope these factors will guide you to scoring that A you desire;

Build a good foundation

Many of the concepts you will learn in Junior College (JC) extend what you have learned in secondary school. If you do not already have a good grasp of the physics foundation, you will find it difficult to understand the concepts in JC. Fortunately, the curriculum in JC is split into two parts: H1 and H2 – except for H3, which is offered to students who meet the educational requirements. Understanding and grasping the basic knowledge in H1 will ensure you a smoother journey into H2.

Be disciplined in your studies

There is no such thing as ‘physics is only for the talented or high IQ’. If anything, it is helpful to remember that hard work beats talent. Michael Jordan once quoted, “Some people want things to happen, some wish things would happen, others make things happen.” Thus, if you wish to do well in physics or any subject for that matter, you have to put in the effort and make it happen.

To score an A in A-Level physics, you would need to understand the various concepts, mathematical formulas, and think outside the box. To achieve those, you would ideally have to be detailed and disciplined in ensuring you are kept up to date with all your classes, as well as getting extra exercises and practice from past years’ papers.

Develop a personal interest

Do you gain satisfaction from solving mathematical equations in the various physics concepts, or do you sigh in despair at the sound of attending JC H2 physics tuition? If you are thinking of pursuing physics at A-Level, it is no secret that many more concepts and equations await you. Unfortunately, if those do not bring about interest and excitement or even raise curiosity, you may expect unpleasant surprises. To do well in physics, it is essential to develop a personal interest – even the slightest bit of curiosity in finding out the answers behind those concepts can help you excel in the long run.

Invest in physics tuition

Your professor may not have enough time to answer every question raised in class. However, it would be best if you can invest a few dollars in polishing any lingering ideas. Physics tutors in Singapore provide in-depth lessons to assist you in passing your exams with flying colours. What’s more, it is also simpler to obtain clarification on any issues that caused you difficulty in class.

Since tutors have vast experience dealing with students, they can properly examine you to discover areas where you should focus your efforts. They also assist you in developing in your strong areas as truth be told, one can never achieve perfection. When you hack a topic and fail to go deeper into it as a student, you risk becoming complacent. But with the help of a reliable physics tutor, it makes all the difference between knowing and understanding complicated concepts. After all, a good physics tutor is more than capable of helping you know beyond what the textbook can teach.


Scoring an A in A-level physics may not be easy, but it certainly is possible. All you need is a firm foundation, a disciplined attitude, a personal interest, and elevate your effort by enrolling in physics tuition.

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