Apr 2012

Invention of the Year

April 19, 2012

What is the invention for?
The invention is mainly catered to the elderly, disadvantaged persons as well passengers who are prone to motion sickness, when standing on moving buses and other moving vehicles. The invention’s main objective is to ensure greater stability by fixating the handles when the need arises, instead of allowing the handles to sway with the movement of the vehicle.
What is it made of?
It is made of plastic / polymer-based (just like the usual bus handles) but contains a spring-lock system.
How does it work?
The design involves a spring-lock system which enables the handle to be pushed inwards and locked by turning a quarter of a circle clockwise.  This locks the handle into position and prevents further movement of the handle, thus minimising the movement of the passenger and ensuring greater stability.
At the moment, to unlock the handle, the passenger can turn the handle in quarter of circle anticlockwise.  The handles will then be returned back to the movable state, so as to facilitate smooth movement of passengers towards the rear or getting off the bus.  To enhance the design, a safe and automated spring-back system can be in place to return the handles back to the movable state.
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