April 2018

Benefits of Having an MOE Trained Teacher as a Tutor

April 3, 2018

Tuition in Singapore is a practice most parents can’t quit. This is in pursuit of quality development for their children. The growing popularity of this industry makes it a very competitive industry with tutors earning an average of 80 SGD per tuition session. This has seen many teachers from the Ministry of Education working part-time as tutors. When it comes to the academic needs of your child, you need to decide whether your child’s tutor will be an MOE trained teacher or just an ordinary tutor. While current MOE teachers are part-time tutors, ex MOE teachers go beyond to offer full-time tuitions. Their efficiency in service delivery is top notch due to their experience.
MOE teachers possess expert knowledge
Unlike other tutors, MOE teachers have expertise in academics that enables them to teach not only students but also produce results. This expertise is evident in the manner they train children to answer questions whether multiple choice or essay questions enabling them to score high marks.
MOE teachers have the experience
Unlike undergraduate and full-time teachers, MOE tutors are more experienced. This is due to the environment in which they work. By working with many children, MOE teachers can spot and respond to a child’s mistake faster. In addition, their experience combined with a sense of responsibility enables them to realise a child’s potential and nurture it to bring out their best whether academically or socially.
Proper knowledge of the syllabus
Singapore’s Ministry of Education is not only transparent with its curriculum needs but has gone a step further to make it accessible to its users online. This syllabus, however, may not be useful to individuals who lack the training and experience from the ministry. Before and even employment, MOE teachers receive training on the education curriculum placing them a notch higher in terms of knowledge. This acquaintance with the curriculum not only enables them to identify the students’ academic weaknesses but also to target them while teaching in order to improve the student’s capabilities. With this approach, especially in physics tuition, students can consistently achieve good results.
Current MOE teachers also set exams up to date with the curriculum`s requirements. This enables them to focus on the critical points of the curriculum when tutoring.
Ability to understand the student needs
While most tutors prefer to tuition children as per their programs, MOE teachers possess a special skill where they are able to understand the children needs and offer content and lessons based on this. This does not mean that they overlook the child’s strong points. On the contrary, they build on these areas and challenge the child’s ability for a firmer academic foundation.
Finally, as seen above, current and ex MOE teachers possess special skills unlike other tutors. Even though they may only be available with tight schedules, they are always up to the task. Their rates, although slightly more than regular tutors, cannot compare to their impact on the child. With these teachers, you will undoubtedly receive value for your investment. As a parent, it is high time that you invest in these tutors if you are to get the best from your child or if your child if struggling with a specific subject in school.

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