Aug 2017

What kind of Physics Tuition should you go for? Home, Academy or Skype?

August 10, 2017

H2 Physics Tuition
Science subjects carry significant places in the Singapore Education System right from the early age of education. It is being taught at every stage from Primary to Secondary levels. In junior levels, students are taught the basics and elementary form of physics, but as they start progressing to higher grades, the subject matter starts getting more detailed and grabs the subject depth. Hence, physics gets more and more complicated.
Physics Tuition is Recommended

It should not be surprising that your child may be combating and uptight with physics. We highly recommend Physics tuition in this situation in particular for the students who are about to join their A-levels or O-levels. On top of that, physics tuition is also necessary for those who are new to the subject.
How to Engage Physics Tutor?
Once the need is established, now comes the question – how do you engage a physics tutor? Also what ways are available for this engagement? Furthermore, what is the best way from out of all the possibilities? There are multiple ways to engage a physics tutor for your child. You can enroll your child in a science academy nearby your home, get your kids a home tutor who can come and teach the subject at your home or arrange them a tutor online through Skype, though this is uncommon in Singapore. All of these ways are beneficial for learning.
Let’s explore all of the available options and try to establish the best way possible for you or your kids to study and learn Physics effectively!
Physics Tuition by Joining Science Academy
First of all, we’ll try to explore the option of learning Physics by joining a science academy or a physics tuition centre near your home. Tuition centres can customize the lessons and give you or your kids a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Also, learning in a group of like-minded people helps you or your child make new friends and discuss interesting ideas that might not be possible in private lessons.
Getting Physics Tuition through Skype

There is a group of people who prefer to seek help online through Skype. The reason that they have for preferring online tuition is that they can find best available subject experts virtually available from any corner of the world. On top of that, they can engage them at much lower cost that is affordable yet effective. Skype tuition is a very common way of having tuition globally, and parents can arrange best teachers who can work on building the basic to advanced physics concepts of their kids. Rather than just following the book index, Skype teachers can informally teach students all the required lessons.
However, getting practical classes on Skype is not a feasible option. Also, the strength of your internet connection is very important here. Without that, you will not be able to enjoy real-time video interaction.
Hiring a Physics Tutor for Home Tuition
Some parents prefer 1-1 tuition by signing a formal contract with home tutors who have to come and teach at their homes. This is an expensive way to have physics tuition, but the pros are equally good as well. Students get to learn in the comforts of their home, and they get to save a lot of their travel time as well.
So, what’s the best Option for You?
All three have their own pros and cons. It depends on your personal preference as well as the timing that your schedule permits. If you still feel lost, it is a good idea to seek the opinions of those who have gone through the various types of tuition in order to determine which will be the most beneficial for you or your child.

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