Aug 2017

Your Guide To Getting The Right Tutor For Your Child

August 28, 2017

Physics Tuition Singapore
Parents or students themselves do not always find it easy to look for a tutor for their extra learning. With many tutors out there, a parent may not know how to get the right one for their kids, since all the tutors claim to deliver stellar performance.
With the ease of the Internet, many fake or untrained tutors have also surfaced to take advantage of the demand, flooding the market claiming to offer the best tuition services. So how do you ensure you avoid these cons and get the right one for you or your child? Here is your guide.
Understand your child’s need
When it comes to looking for a tutor for your child, you should know what areas your child badly needs tuition in. Some students will require coaching in all their subjects. Others will only need extra lessons perhaps in science-based subjects such as A Level Physics or O Level mathematics. In that case, you can narrow down your search and enrol your child for that particular tuition. Understanding your child’s educational needs should be the first step you take when looking for tuition services.
Do not just go out there blindly looking for a tutor. Talk to other parents in your neighbourhood and get leads to some of the best tutors. Fellow parents will be quite candid when giving you their feedback about a tutor. The school administration can also give you leads to good tutors.
Once you have settled on a tutor, do not hire before verifying their credentials no matter how positive the reviews are. If the instructor claims to have graduated with the best grades, ask for proof. You can also check years of experience from their resume. Make callbacks from some of the institutions the tutor claims to have worked for and find out what they have to say.
Past performance
Most tutors will claim to offer the best tuition services. They will even tell you how they converted a below average student to an ‘A’ grade student through their tuition. While it is okay to take pride in one’s achievement, it is also wise to verify the claims. Ask the tutor for actual references of their record of accomplishment. Compare the students’ performance before and after the tuition to determine whether their records of achievement is as they claim.
When looking for a tutor, the cost will come into play. Many parents would wish to enrol their children for private tuition, but the cost limits them. When interviewing a possible candidate for the job, have a budget in mind. Decide what you are willing to spend. You can negotiate with the best candidate and agree on a fee that is comfortable for both of you.
Take time to find out the character of the tutor before you decide to hire. Remember he/she will be someone your child will be looking upon for guidance. Therefore, go for someone charismatic and one who can offer mentorship and guidance to your child. They will be spending a lot of time together, and you cannot risk leaving your child with someone with a questionable character. You can even check out with the necessary agencies in Singapore whether the tutor has any criminal records.
Use these tips and hire the best tutor for your child. Remember not to do it a hurry, take your time and ensure you have the best tutor for your child. Agree on both long term and short term objectives. Ask for frequent reviews on the performance of your child to be sure you are recouping value or your money. Above all, cooperate with the tutor and offer maximum support where needed. That way you will all be working towards common goals.

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