Aug 2021

5 Useful Tips To Help You Memorise Your Physics Formulas

August 5, 2021

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As someone who has taken multiple physics exams, you understand how important it is to memorise your physics formulas. Often you are provided with only a few formulas in your exam sheets, which are not always applicable to the questions at hand. In such situations, you are tasked with recalling the formula and what each symbol means so you can obtain the correct answer.

However, memorising every physics formula you have been taught can be challenging, especially when you also have to remember the various physic concepts found in your textbooks. Nevertheless, this is something every physics student has to undergo, as the failure to recollect even a single symbol can impact your exam scores. So while you are revising your syllabus, allow us to share four useful tips you can adopt to help you memorise your physics formulas.

1. Practice makes perfect

Studies have shown that repetition is crucial in strengthening the neurons in your brain. This means that the more you practise something, the more your brain will retain the information. Conversely, when you don’t make an effort to revise what you have learnt, you will soon forget them.

Therefore, one of the best ways to memorise your physics formulas is to write them down repeatedly, so they are imprinted into your mind. Doing so can be especially useful for those with a visual learning style. Alternatively, you can opt to recite these formulas and what each symbol means if you are more of an auditory learner.

2. Try to understand the formulas

Each symbol in a physics formula corresponds to a value that you have to input to obtain the correct answer. Even if you can recall the exact formula you need, doing so is meaningless if you do not understand what each symbol represents. If you cannot recognise what each symbol means, you will likely select the wrong values for your calculations.

Moreover, when our brains are unable to make the connection between the symbol and what value it is supposed to represent, we tend to forget about the formula quickly. Therefore, when you are revising for your physics exam, it is best to understand the concept behind each formula. Once you fully grasp the concept, you will find it much easier to recall the exact formula you need for a given situation.

3. Know what you need to memorise

Given that there is no guarantee that every formula you have learnt will show up in your test, it might be inefficient to memorise all of them, especially if you’re pressed for time. While it may be doable to remember all of them, knowing what specific formulas you need in your upcoming exam will benefit you more.

If you are revising for a test, take the time to understand what topics it will cover, so you know what you need to prepare beforehand. Knowing what topics to focus on also eliminates the time spent revising the materials that will not show up. Once you know which topics are covered, write down all the formulas related to them so that you have a clear representation of the ones you need to memorise.

4. Utilise memory techniques

With the proper memory techniques, most people can memorise seemingly unrelated strings of numbers and words. These techniques can also be applied to your revisions. One of the most popular techniques is to craft a compelling story around the thing you need to memorise. The more outlandish the story is, the easier it is to recall the formula. So have fun crafting an exciting narrative that fits the formulas you need to remember.


Do not fret if you find it challenging to memorise your physics formulas; you are not the only one struggling with the subject. If you need help with your physics syllabus, you should consider signing up for our JC physics tuition and O level physics tuition. At Best Physics TuitionTM Centre, we offer supplementary tuition lessons to help you brush up on your physics knowledge so you can score well on your exams.

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