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Dec 2016

  • Dec 2016

    Work, Energy and Power

    Work, energy, and power are core concepts of physics. Below we look at these vital concepts in a little more detail. What are Work, Energy, and Power? Work is a simple concept- the transfer…

    December 27, 2016
  • Dec 2016

    Temperature and Ideal Gases

    Ideal gasses is an area of physics that can seem difficult to grasp- but like many physics concepts, it’s actually easy when you break it down in our physics tuition. Below we look at…

    December 23, 2016
  • Dec 2016

    Gravitational Field

    Physics tuition will definitely help you on what seems like an overwhelming topic, the basic concepts embodied in physics are actually pretty easy to follow. Let us look at one of the core concepts…

    December 21, 2016
  • Dec 2016

    5 Tips to Ace A'Level Physics Paper

    All those years of JC physics tuition will finally culminate in the A-level physics paper, your one chance to prove what you know. Don’t be afraid about the paper – apply these 5 top…

    December 15, 2016
  • Dec 2016

    Here are the JC cut-off points for 2016

    Before joining us for JC physics tuition, we look at the benchmarks in a little more detail, to give you the peace of mind to concentrate on your O’levels. What is JC cut off…

    December 13, 2016
  • Dec 2016

    What Are Exotic States of Matter?

    It is a fundamental fact that matter exists in three main states namely gas, liquid and solid. Additionally, you have other states in which matter can exist, which are termed as exotic states. These…

    December 9, 2016
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