Dec 2016

5 Tips to Ace A'Level Physics Paper

December 15, 2016


All those years of JC physics tuition will finally culminate in the A-level physics paper, your one chance to prove what you know. Don’t be afraid about the paper – apply these 5 top tips to ace your ‘A’ level physics paper.

1. Past Year Papers are Your Friend

Once you’ve completed the bulk of your studying, add in time to study past year papers as well. There are many resources available for these, from your school to apps and online sites. Past year papers will help you get a grip on how the examiners are likely to ask questions, and on what topics come up most frequently. It also helps you uncover where your knowledge is the shakiest. If you’re someone that suffers from nervousness before taking exams, this method can help you by familiarizing yourself with the processes involved in the paper and give you a good idea what to expect.

2. Treat Yourself Well

No amount of studying is going to help you if you arrive at your examination worn out and ragged. Make sure that you eat well in the weeks leading up to your examination, remain properly hydrated, and get sufficient rest. While it can be tempting to sit up all night cramming, it’s one of the worst things you can do. The cognitive decline will occur with a tired and tired mind.

3. Read Carefully

Don’t answer what you think they are asking, and don’t jump to conclusions. Check every question twice and make sure you know what is being asked. You may have to convert a unit first, or the question may be filled with ‘filler’ information that’s irrelevant to the task at hand. They may also be deliberately trying to mislead you away from information being sought. Be careful with your answers too- carelessly throwing away marks with a wrongly placed decimal point, for example, is a stupid way to lose marks.

4. The Quality of Your Notes Matters

Make sure your study material is complete before you begin revision- and don’t be afraid to reorganize it to the way you prefer to learn. If you are a visual person, this may mean making flashcards, or those who prefer to learn audibly may like to record the notes to play back later. Make sure you are comfortable with the method of learning you are employing, and it will be that much easier to retain information that way.

5. Remember the Equations

A huge part of your physics A-level papers will hinge on you knowing the right equation to use at the right time. Make sure you are totally clear on all the equations relevant to your paper, so you have a good fighting chance of picking up points in every question.

There is no sure pass method to taking examinations, the more prepared you are the better the process will feel for you. Lessons of physics tuition should make retaining the information easier, and with these 5 tips, you will soon be on the way to acing your physics papers.

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