Dec 2019

Tony Chee Shares Physics Scoring Tips @ BookFest For 2nd Year

December 16, 2019

Introducing BookFest@Singapore 2019

Running for more than a decade, BookFest@Singapore returned for its 13th edition to offer an even more comprehensive range of the most exceptional publication, electronic devices and educational aids. Since its launch in 2006, visitorship has grown sixfold, and this year, they will be covering a total of 130,000 sq ft to accommodate the crowd. Not only does BookFest@Singapore serve as the perfect platform for publishers and distributors to exhibit and promote their products,  it also hosts several activities for the family and free enrichment workshops.

Our very own Mr. Tony Chee conducted one such talk. On 9 December 2019, he took to the stage to expound on the intricacies of the Physics syllabus and presented tips that students could employ to improve their grades. .  Mr Chee also introduced assessment books and guidebooks that he published,  as well as gave  detailed explanations of some of the tools to employ to recognise concept gaps.

Expressing his passion for Physics , he hoped to inspire struggling students to see it in different perspectives and hopefully, gain mastery of the subject.

Profile of  Mr Tony Chee

As a former JC and Integrated Programme (IP) physicist lecturer, senior head at the Ministry of Education (MOE) and lecturer at National Institute of Education (NIE), Mr. Tony Chee is proficient not only in the subject, he has also developed a teaching methodology that has been proven to work.

With his cumulative experience in the education system, he recognised the problematic trend of students absorbing some misconceptions. He said, “Many of these problems arise partly because the misconceptions are not rectified early in the students’ learning through their secondary school and junior college years.”

This led him to start tutoring physics by first teaching at Queenstown and Marine Parade Central before setting up Best Physics Tuition at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. In order to keep up with demand,  he also opened another centre at Waterloo, and new classes will be launched at Bishan as well.

Mr. Chee applies an algorithm-based method to anticipate the possible question types that would appear in exam papers. He would also identify recurring trends by compiling past year papers and packaging his learning topics accordingly. Should his students desire assistance outside of class, they can contact him via Whatsapp, and he is more than willing to help.

Have you been looking for physics tuition to help you improve your grades? Mr. Chee can do just that! Under his tutelage, 60 per cent of his students experienced a three-grades jump, and 98 per cent of them showed significant improvement. Among these students, many of them attained distinctions that helped to secure their spots in distinguished universities.

So what exactly are you waiting for? Don’t miss a chance to make a three-grade jump with Mr. Chee and schedule a class now!

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