Feb 2012

An Octave Queen

February 13, 2012

Whitney Houston: Voice type – Dramatic Mezzo-Soprano; Highest note – C6, B-b5; Lowest note – C3, E3; Vocal range – 4 octaves (C3-C6)
Any two sounds whose frequencies make a 2:1 ratio are said to be separated by an octave and result in a particularly pleasing sensation when heard. That is, two sound waves sound good when played together if one sound has twice the frequency of the other. A C6 note has a frequency of about 1050 Hz.  The voice speech of a typical adult is about 100 Hz.
Do the above concepts sound familiar? They are taught in our Physics tuition classes, especially when dealing with the topics of Harmonics (A Levels) and Sound (O Levels).

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