Feb 2017

When Is a Better Time to Study? Day Vs Night

February 6, 2017


Setting up your study time and timetable for your JC physics A-level exams can be almost as frightening as the examinations themselves. We offer physics tuition to smoothen the learning process and here is our take on the pressing question of when it’s best to study.

Is there a definite answer?

Unfortunately, the question of whether day or night is better for studying is naturally invalid because we are all different. Not only are our brains all wired a little differently, but we also live under different circumstances.

Do note that everyone has a different method of learning, some prefer to write or speak aloud while others prefer drawing or engaging with the study material by creative means like singing and rapping. None of these techniques are wrong, provided they work for you.

Another factor that comes into play is the different circumstances in which we all live in. Some live in a busy household full of siblings and adults and would prefer the quiet hours of early morning or late night for them to get some peace. On the other hand, others may prefer having people around as they like the bustle around them as they study.

What benefits are there in daytime study?

Studying during the day offers a few benefits, namely:

  • As humans, we are geared to work during the day, so we tend to be more alert
  • If you struggle with a concept, peers and tutors can be immediately contactable during the day.
  • Likewise finding information [like libraries] or alternative study areas [campus halls, coffee shops] is a lot easier.
  • It prevents the disturbance of sleeping patterns- it can be tempting to study late at night but if you disrupt your sleep cycle, it can have adverse effects on your exam preparation.
  • You’ll be keeping to societal ‘norms’.

What benefits are there in night-time study?

Night-time study is not without benefits too

  • Peaceful and tranquil environment
  • There are far fewer distractions to take up your attention
  • It’s easier to fit studying in, without getting in the way of your day activities.
  • Night study has links to improved creativity and scientists speculate that it may have to do with how the brain see things differently at night.

So both timings have advantages to offer. Weigh them up considering your needs and learning style, and you’ll easily be able to decide which is better for you. The best time to study is the one that works best for you, depending on your preference. To further improve your learning in physics, you can opt for H2 Physics Tuition with us.

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