Feb 2020

5 Ways To Enhance Your Understanding Of Theoretical Physics

February 14, 2020

Research has shown that theoretical physics first began close to 2500 years ago. To contextualise this branch of physics, you must first understand the concept of theory. If you have any desire to know how the universe operates, theoretical physics is the subject for you. Through the use of mathematics and principles of science, theoretical physics can largely be used to describe nature.

If you are having trouble understanding theoretical physics, here are 5 tips to aid you in improving.

Develop your skills early 

Developing an early interest in physics-related subjects such as mathematics and general science can go a long way to understanding theoretical physics. There are many ways to enforce your learning of theoretical physics, such as absorbing relevant content that is found online. Alternatively, you can also visit the library to read more.

You can also pick up and learn about physics texts by Chris Ferrie and Stephen Hawking, both of which provide ways for you to understand theoretical physics better.

Building rapport with your science teacher

No matter your level of education, the rapport you share with your teacher matters significantly. Having an ideal rapport ensures that you are more than likely to capture all of their teachings in classes and during any physics tuition. Your teacher can also give you a better understanding of what you need to sharpen theoretical physics knowledge from an early stage.

Enrol in as many theoretical physics as possible

The best way to prepare for theoretical physics is to enrol in as many science-related courses as much as possible. You can also enrol in classes that touch on math and physics courses. There is no better way to create a solid foundation than with as many theoretical physics as possible. Some essential topics you can include are geometry, algebra, astronomy and calculus.

Be involved in local science clubs

Such extracurricular activities can help to expand your knowledge of theoretical physics. Whether in secondary school or university, seek the application forms and fill them up. This way, you will be able to connect with like-minded students who share the same passion as you. Once you’re a member of such a club, you can let your voice be heard by being an active member.

Studying hard

It takes hard work and self-drive to study and fruitfully complete a theoretical physics course, but the difficulty might cause many students problems. Should you decide to enrol in theoretical physics, the only way to complete this course is through hard work. There are many ways that studying can aid you, such as taking A level physics tuition and making friends whom you can improve together with.


The main aim of physics is to understand the phenomena around us or discovering the laws of cause versus effects. A perfect example is lifting the ball and letting it fall, in which physics tries to explain why the ball is dropped. Generally, theoretical physics use theories in making predictions and carrying out experiments to test their predictions. The drive to pursue theoretical physics should always come from deep within. If you are a parent, it is best not to push your child towards a subject because you love it. Let your child choose a topic or course that resonates with them, and support them as much as possible. And if they happen to be going one grade higher – such as from secondary 2 to secondary 3 – there’s physic tuition for sec 3 available so they stay on the right track and don’t fall behind in their studies.

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