Feb 2020

Why Learning Physics Is Essential To Being An Industrialist

February 20, 2020

Even though physics is a fundamental subject in human life, many students fear pursuing a career in physics. The fear factor comes from its relationship with mathematics and the pre-requisite logic of understanding physics. Almost all the laws of physics govern the natural phenomena of the planet.

Students aspiring to make their career in fields like bioengineering, biophysics, mathematics, and material science would be required to have a good grasp of physics. The importance of physics for engineering students has also seen an increase in the number of students seeking physics tuition. To enhance such teachings, here are some advantages of physics tuition for those seeking to become an industrialist.

Personalised progress

As students get to interact one-on-one with a tutor, they are more likely able to increase their level of physics understanding. The level of knowledge varies from one student to another, however, and while some students are fast learners, others will need more time to internalise a concept.

Some topics in physics can be easier to learn, while others need a longer time to understand.  Thus, a physics tutor can adjust to the speed of understanding for the student, which is not impossible in a class made up of a significant number.

Intensive learning

Some physics exams are competitive and require a different approach to solving them. For students to completely grasp the topic, students would need to undergo a thorough understanding of the subject. Since teachers follow a specific curriculum, passing such an exam can be difficult if they are unable to overcome the subject.

Private physics tuition is exceptionally beneficial for students aiming to comprehend the harder parts of physics. For example, a tutor can take the student through challenging questions that could be asked in the final exams.

More practice

The best possible way to better physics understanding in Singapore is by enrolling for private physics tuition. In addition to these classes, physics tutors are able to offer more sessions of additional physics classes. They are also able to evaluate progress through timely assignments as well.

Younger students are also able to benefit from more practice as well, for example, enrolling a student in physics tuition for sec 3. The more a student is able to tackle the physics questions, the better they will be in understanding the subject. Thanks to their vast experience in the subject and in teaching, a physics tutor will no doubt improve the general understanding for the student.

Diverse resources

Experienced physics tutors have access to a collection of textbooks, media files, useful web links, animations, and apps that are always useful for physics students. These resources help make physics a fun subject to study.

Also, many of these resources are not readily available in learning institutions. Exposure to such resources can significantly improve their understanding of physics, and aid in improving their physics grades.


School curriculums give general knowledge to students. While they might have a good grasp on specific topics, they could end up getting low grades too. This is caused by the application of knowledge that is needed to pass an exam. Having a physics tutor can enable the student to find better ways of applying their knowledge, rather than just during their standard school curriculum. Therefore, students with aspirations of joining the highly competitive industrialisation sector in Singapore should enrol in physics tuition.

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