Feb 2022

5 Greatest Physicists Of All Time That You Should Know

February 22, 2022

5 Greatest Physicists Of All Time That You Should Know

As an individual who has or is going through school, you might have probably encountered the term ‘physics’ countless times in your life – after all, it is a subject you should be familiar with in the Singapore education system. As with any other subject, history is full of incredible individuals who have shaped today’s world with their excellent works, regardless of their ages.

Physics has strongly influenced the way individuals think and how they lead their lives. Thanks to renowned scientists, all scientific discoveries and inventions that people enjoy today have revolutionised every aspect of their lives. In the field of physics, there are many brilliant contributors to thank for their discoveries, theories, and ideas that changed how we see the world. Let us read up on 5 of the greatest physicists of all time.

Albert Einstein 

When one mentions ‘the greatest physicist’, the thought of Albert Einstein would likely be the first thing that comes to mind. While he has proven himself to be one of the most relevant scientists, it is no wonder that he has shown great interest in science and mathematics in his younger years. While Einstein’s physics and mathematics grades and skills were extremely high, it is interesting that his scores for other subjects were relatively below standard.

However, his theories have laid the groundwork for many scientists today – his Theory of Relativity gained popularity and studies all over the world. That said, if you were ever lost on the road and relied on a GPS navigator to guide you through, then you have Einstein to thank for the invention of navigators through his Theory of Relativity.

Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei took a dominant position in the scientific revolution, for he was the first person to study the sky using a telescope. A physicist, philosopher, and astronomer, he has made many notable discoveries in the astronomy field. His distinguished scientific contributions include Two New Sciences – work that deals with the strength of materials and kinetics.

Sir Isaac Newton

During Isaac Newton’s developing years, it was common for this young man to develop different devices while attending school. His faithfulness to studies and excellent marks in school impressed and caught the attention of others. However, at one point in time, Newton’s mother attempted to remove him from school to have him help as a farmer, but his uncle suggested that young Newton continue his studies. Later on, this great mathematician and physicist discovered and developed scientific methods and discoveries, including modern physical optics. One of his famous discoveries was the Three Laws of Motion.

Blaise Pascal

Did you know that a tool invented 350 years ago is installed in the windows-based computer system in today’s technology world? Shocking, right? Blaise Pascal is the man to thank since he began calculating devices and prototypes at the age of 16. Throughout the centuries, there was a development of digital, solar-powered, and scientific calculators; but it was Pascal who set the wheels in motion with the development of earlier versions.

Marie Curie

It might not often be that you hear a woman in science, but Marie Curie has definitely made her mark in the fields of physics and chemistry. In 1903, Curie received a Nobel Prize for physics for her study into the spontaneous radiation that was discovered by Becquerel. Following that, in 1911, she was awarded her second Nobel Prize, this time in Chemistry, for her work in radioactivity.


Scientists are brave individuals who are curious enough to explore the nature of the universe. To this day, there is a proud, long list of people who have been successful in the world of physics – the above 5 being some of the most outstanding scientists.

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