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Our Favourite Underrated Tips For Acing O Level Physics

February 16, 2023
Our Favourite Underrated Tips For Acing O Level Physics


Excelling in the O Level examinations is no simple task, especially when we’re talking about Physics. While studying for other O Level subjects won’t be a walk in the park, Physics can be one of the trickiest to master. Unfortunately, there is no surefire way to clinch that distinction for your O Level Physics paper. However, by taking advantage of effective studying and exam-taking behaviours, you can turn your dreams of conquering O Level physics into a reality.

1. Start studying for the Physics O Level paper early

Rome was not built in a day, and the same can be said about Physics mastery. One of the key traits of successful Physics students is the initiative to start studying for the O Level Physics paper early. Learning Physics demands a good amount of memorisation backed by ample practice, which is why getting started on revision and practice early helps you to ensure that you have those concepts down pat.

2. Make good use of the Ten Year Series Physics books

O Level students frequently make the fatal mistake of letting their Ten Year Series books collect dust. Many schools in Singapore add the Ten Year Series books of practice questions as a compulsory part of their booklist, and for good reason. What better way to prepare for the O Level exams than to try out the previous papers? Not only do the Physics Ten Year Series books do a great job of simulating exam conditions, but they expose you to a wide variety of questions.

3. Confront your weakest Physics concepts

Chances are that you find yourself unable to wrap your head around a specific Physics concept, whether it be thermal physics or electricity and magnetism. Naturally, any student’s immediate instinct is to avoid tackling those concepts during practice and revision. However, successful students will muster up the courage to power through their weaker concepts until they become comfortable with them. Thus, it is not an exaggeration to say that this is what separates the A-scoring students from the rest of their cohort.

4. Check your completed paper thoroughly

Proofreading your responses is an incredibly overlooked part of taking any O Level paper, especially Physics. The points you may lose through careless mistakes, such as forgetting a decimal point or writing down the wrong unit, can be fatal. Hence, we always recommend you take those few extra minutes to check your completed answers after you have completed every question rather than wasting precious time.

5. Enlist the help of a reliable O Level Physics tuition centre

There is no shame in asking for additional help if you find your school-based Physics classes insufficient. Enrolling in a credible tuition centre that offers O Level Physics tuition makes for an excellent opportunity to corroborate your knowledge from school lessons while supplementing it with additional resources from tuition lessons. For example, many tuition centres design their own assessments, giving you a unique set of practice questions that can give you a substantial advantage over other students relying purely on school-based experience.


With effective habits, comprehensive resources, and additional support, students can steadily gain confidence in approaching various Physics concepts. Physics tuition helps to push you to achieve your true potential, making acing the O Level Physics paper more achievable than you think.

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