IP & Secondary Syllabus

1. Physical Quantities
2. Kinematics
3. Dynamics
4. Mass, Weight, Density
5. Turning Effect of Forces
6. Pressure
7. Work, Energy, Power
8. Kinetic Model of Matter
9. Transfer of Thermal Energy
10. Temperature
11. Thermal Properties of Matter
12. General Wave Properties
13. Light
14. Electromagnetic Spectrum
15. Sound
16. Static Electricity
17. Current of Electricity
18. D.C. Circuits
19. Practical Electricity
20. Magnetics
21. Electromagnetism
22. Electromagnetic Induction

When is the best time to start Physics tuition? We see most people starting tuition from Secondary 3. The drastic jump from Sec 2 to Sec 3 causes students to start worrying about their Physics performance. That explains the high demand for physics tuition for Sec 3.

More complex concepts

Physics Tuition For Sec 3

Physics topics in Sec 3 become much harder than those in lower secondary. Students entering sec 3 are suddenly bombarded with terms they may have never heard of in their life – kinetic model, rarefactions, electromagnetism, and so on. Especially for pure Physics, the content delves much deeper into concepts, with many requiring a firm grasp of mathematical formulas.

Pressure of high-stakes exams

Then, there is the looming ‘O’ levels, ‘A’ levels and IP examinations that they have to work towards. Even students who are doing sufficiently well in school will start to feel the urgency. Sec 3 is the time they start to set goals for themselves as to where they want to go in JC, polytechnic or university, and their Physics grade can make or break their dreams!

How we can help you in Physics

The situation may seem bleak for students losing hope with their Physics grades and feeling utterly lost in Physics lessons. However, the story does not need to end there! One of the best ways you can help yourself is by going for Physics tuition for Sec 3 at an excellent tuition centre. Believe us when we say that at we are committed to helping Physics students reach their maximum potential in the Physics subject.

Patient teaching

Renowned Physics tutor Mr Tony Chee is known for his patient teaching and clear explanations that help students grasp concepts effectively. Lessons are sorted according to pace and topics, so students can go for the classes that suit their needs. For example, head-start classes give students an early introduction to Physics topics for the next year. Booster classes help students catch up on previous topics.

Real-life analogies

Not just an expert in Physics knowledge, Mr Tony Chee is an expert in teaching it! Don’t expect him to rattle off the textbook and teach formulas by rote – Mr Chee brings Physics to life by highlighting real-life examples and analogies. Live demonstrations and visual metaphors help students remember concepts effortlessly, and allow them to see the significance of Physics in the world.

Increase your motivation

No amount of brilliant pedagogy can help a failing student if they have no motivation to learn. But here, Mr Chee fosters a love of Physics in his students with infectious passion, and ability to make Physics relevant. Rightfully, his students rave not just about how their grades have improved tremendously, but also testify of how they grew their love of Physics through the tuition classes.

We have classes from Sec 3 up till JC2 level, but we don’t recommend you wait until the last minute to seek Physics help. If you or your Sec 3 child has started to struggle in Physics, we recommend starting early with Physics tuition for Sec 3. Let us help you kindle a love for Physics, and conquer the Physics papers!

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