Jan 2018

Does your Child Really Need Physics Tuition

January 11, 2018

physics tuition
Many parents in Singapore are awestruck by the dilemma as to whether to send their wards for physics tuition or not. In fact, they waste the valuable time of the academic calendar, thinking whether their children really need to attend physics tuition.
In fact, when a child is already scoring fairly good marks, most will usually be of the opinion that there is no need for any private tuition for your child. And frankly speaking, it is here where you are committing a big mistake. You need to know that getting good marks in assessments is one thing, and attaining mastery over the subject is another. Gaining mastery over a subject automatically helps your child to understand more than the technique of just scoring good marks, but also a deeper understanding of the subject itself. Once that mastery is achieved, then your child will continue to score high marks all throughout his or her school days and well beyond that. That is the difference that proper physics tuition makes.
Are tuitions expensive?
Frankly speaking, effective tuition is not cheap and that is true even if you opt for group tuition. Hence, it is a fairly heavy financial burden for you as a parent, though it is going to pay off in the long run. However, being the parent of a child means you will have to take up the challenge and help your children. That is the reason you will find parents sending their children for physics tuition when they are approaching the O Levels, which is a fairly challenging examination in Singapore’s education system. Hence, if you expect your child to score at least an A2 for pure Physics at the O level, private tuition or at least group tuition is a MUST in Singapore.
Cheap is rarely the Best
Here, you should keep in mind that there is simply no reason to compromise on the grades of your children by simply sending them to tuitions that charge less. Grades, though important, is not always the only parameter that measures your children’s knowledge. They need to develop mastery and hold over the subject to confidently excel at it. There lies the difference between sending and not sending students for physics tuition.
If you are to decide whether you need to send your child for physics tuition, you need to look for certain symptoms. Motivation is the most determining factor in this case. In fact, it IS the most important factor that will drive a student to do well. However, when your child is found wanting in this aspect, alarm bells should start ringing. In these cases, you need to send your child for a private tuition as these tuition classes go a long way in embedding motivation into your child’s psyche.
So the bottom line is that your child will need Physics tuition for many reasons. Understanding your child and adjusting accordingly will allow for the best option to help your child or children.

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