Jan 2018

How To Develop A Good Rapport With Your Physics Tutor

January 3, 2018

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Have you ever felt that you and your physics teacher just don’t seem to get along? Maybe it is because of that one time that you were caught cheating or that other time you could not stop making noise outside their office. Who knows? Maybe it was never even your fault; your teacher just does not know that you even exist in the class because of your lack of participation in your physics tuition classes.
Anyway, you don’t have to worry about this and stress yourself out. Times change and so do people. Developing a good rapport with your Physics tutor may seem impossible, but all you need is a few simple tricks. Most teachers don’t need extraordinary results from you to like you, all they want is your respect and undivided attention during lessons.
Here are a few tips that will allow you to have a good rapport with your physics teachers without developing the reputation as the teacher’s pet:

  • Submit homework on time

No matter how badly you want to go out with your friends, it is essential that you make your physics homework your priority. Under no circumstance should you show up at the school with incomplete homework. This shows that you have put extra effort and you will automatically rise in the teacher’s eye for being responsible.

  • Subtle remarks

Whether the teacher took a leave for health issues or just didn’t feel like coming, make sure that you tell them you missed them. We are not suggesting that you become clingy or creepy. Simply say, ‘Welcome back!’ or ‘glad to see you’. You don’t have to give them extravagant gifts, this will only make you more distant from them because your teachers cannot accept gifts from their students. Giving small appreciation gifts is fine, expensive things can send a wrong signal and you don’t want that.

  • Be punctual

Always be punctual in their class and show them respect. If you show up late in their class they will think of you as a nonchalant student who is disrespectful and doesn’t know the importance of time. If you miss a class in case of an emergency make sure that you take an apology letter or something directly from your parents.

  • Be Sincere

Teachers can sense fake sweetness from a mile away, so be sincere in real life rather than faking it. Being overly sweet or nice will put them off and they will end up disliking you in spite of their professionalism. Know the boundaries that you need to maintain considering your relationship. If the teacher is friendly, you can joke around while staying within the appropriate limits. Remember teachers should always be treated with respect.
If the two of you don’t like each other, that is a serious problem that you need to work on otherwise you won’t be able to concentrate in their class or bother to understand a word they say. It is advised that you talk about the problem face to face if none of these tricks work.

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