Jan 2018

Tips to Finding a Learning Style That Suits You

January 23, 2018

Signing up for Physics Tuition will help your grades, but it doesn’t address the root of your issues with the subject. According to several surveys every individual has a different style of learning. Finding the right method for you can be tedious. However it isn’t that difficult, all you need is a little patience and self-confidence.
There are plenty of ways in which you can grasp concepts and learn them. Subjects such as Physics can be a bit daunting because of its complexity. You cannot say anything in physics without proper reasoning so it is essential for you to learn and understand the subject.
The following are some of the preferred learning styles of students:
Auditory Learner
So, these learners understand the concept and grasp it at its roots when presented in an audio form. Put yourself in a scenario where the lecturer is putting you into a group discussion and promoting rebuttals. Do you believe that you learn the most this way? Does a lecture from your teacher provide you with the most important knowledge? If all these things are correct then this is the learning style you need to go with.
Visual Learner
A visual learner is someone able to learn the most when information is presented to them in a written form or presented with the help of diagrams, tables and slideshows. If you have a habit of taking notes in class of whatever the teacher says or you enjoy a printed paper instead of verbal lecture, you have found your learning style. Visual learners perform best in lectures where instructors explain everything they say on the board or provide a handout at the end of the lecture.
Kinesthetic/ Tactile Learner
Do you understand concepts and learn better when you have everything in your control? Are you more of a practical person who enjoys experimenting with things and controlling the end results? If yes, then you are found your perfect match. Physics usually requires a lot of practical so you might like this method a little more than the others. However, you need to know before you come to a conclusion.
Your preferred learning style
Now that you are familiar with the different types of learning styles, it will be easier for you to figure out which one you like the most. You don’t necessarily have to pick one style, you can choose two or even all three when it comes to physics. The important thing to consider is the style in which you feel most comfortable.
Now that we have everything that we need in order to find the most suitable learning style for physics it is essential that we figure out a way to make a decision as well. Start off with the courses that you score highest marks in, then figure out the learning method used for that specific course. After you are done with that, imply that technique with your physics course and we are certain that you would be able to achieve high grades in it. Since physics is a subject where you need to understand the concepts first then apply it in practical, we would suggest that you find a method that helps you out in both ways. If you are really struggling with Physics concepts, consider signing up for Physics Tuition.

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